Meatless Monday: Creamy Yogurt Broccoli Pasta

Chobani stumbled across my Grape & Cashew Salad recipe, and offered to send me some samples of their Greek yogurt flavors for future meal experiments! Who can turn down creamy protein-packed ready-to-go yogurts? Not this chick:

10.3 002 Obviously we had to have a photo shoot before they got settled in the fridge. They were very cooperative πŸ˜‰

10.3 007

The peach flavor got a huge thumbs up as part of a post-run recovery smoothie last week. This time I went for the plain β€˜n simple version; I had my own flavoring to do!

10.3 019

Creamy Tarragon Pasta Sauce

Fresh Tarragon, torn into tiny pieces, to taste (~1 tsp-1 tbsp)
1 tbsp red onions, chopped
1 tsp  (or less) ea. Rosemary, Thyme
6 oz Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt (low- or non-fat)
Salt to taste (I used a very small shake)

Cook pasta & steam broccoli. Mix above ingredients in a small bowl, then add to drained pasta. Toss in broccoli. Voila! A quick, creamy, meatless & nutritious dinner!

Shake some black pepper on top, if you so desire.

10.3 024 

Protein: Yogurt
Carbs: Pasta, Yogurt
Fat: Yogurt

Aside from the above, you’re getting a good dose of vitamins from that King of the Veggies (aka broccoli) plus Calcium from the yogurt! Eat up, and enjoy fooling your taste buds with a healthy cream sauce πŸ™‚


Are you joining in Meatless Monday today?



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9 responses to “Meatless Monday: Creamy Yogurt Broccoli Pasta

  1. Adore that photo shoot, hilarious but awesome.

    You, my dear, are quiet the cook! Very unique recipe, not something I would have put together but sounds awesome.

  2. Yay for free Chobani! Fun photo shoot. I wish we had all of those flavours here! All I can find is plain or vanilla.

    Happy Meatless Monday! I’ve got chickpeas for lunch and black bean burgers on the menu for dinner BUT I have to find a recipe first!!

  3. Delicious! As a non-dairy eater, this combo would be great with hummus as well. I’m on a pasta kick these days. πŸ™‚

  4. i am DROOLING. what a great way to use yogurt…i need to remember this one!

  5. Elizabeth

    I may not be joining in on meatless Monday, but this does inspire me to get some yogurt next time I’m at Teeter. I never would have thought to mix it with my pasta and veggies.

  6. Lovely to make Chobani look so artful! I love Chobani so much! I have been having many more meatless days than I used to.

  7. i’m mostly meatless (pescetarian, technically) so this is right up my alley. i may be the only blogger who’s never tried greek yogurt though, i should really get on that!

  8. Kathleen

    Wow that looks delicious and so easy! I totally want to try this out sometime this week. I’m about to have a healthy Greek yogurt snack, with granola and blueberries. πŸ™‚

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