12 Miles Fueled by the Southern Sun

Well, based on the response yesterday, it looks like there are quite a few of us pining for a BQ next Fall! If you haven’t joined the ranks, and want to, you just let me know. Now, to decide on a race…

Or, to focus on this one (for now)! I have a approximately 3 weeks until RACE DAY – I chose to step back this week for a 12 mile LR.

My mind and legs thanked me profusely.


In an attempt to get back to our pre-LR rituals (straying from the Norm last week clearly did me no favors!), we headed to the Southern Sun Brewery thinking we had seen pizza on their menu last week.

Sidenote: If you’ve been to Boulder, and haven’t been to this brewery? You are missing out. Period.

Apparently we have early onset memory loss, as they definitely do Not have pizza.
They do have an extensive beer list, only charging $4.60 for any 16 oz draft, and a they have us a basket of free fries while we waited to be seated.

They know how to get you coming back for more! Skill, mastered.

9.24 008















Yes, I make sure to balance my brews with twice the amount of water. We don’t mess with hydration around here!

Pizza-less and hungry, I went for the Avocado & Pepperjack Sandwich. I figured the only thing it was missing was tomato sauce – veggies, cheese & carbs were all in attendance. And I got a pickle, which makes everything worth it:

9.24 009 

After the meal, I figured we could at least hit 2 out of 3 traditions. Froyo, it is!

9.24 016

Dark Chocolate & Vanilla swirled with fresh strawberries on top – my fave!


The Plan: 12 miles, solo (with tunes & the Camelbak).
The Fuel: toast with pb & banana (before), Accelerade diluted with water (during)
The Results: I’m not using my HRM anymore; I enjoy things so much more when I run by feel and let my body decide what’s easy for the day. Then, as the end draws near and I have energy left, I push it when I want to. Today, I wanted to.

Miles 1-8 stayed right between 8:50-9:00 comfortably, as I sipped the Go-Fast Juice mix every mile.

Miles 9-12 – 8:41, 8:33, 8:32, 8:07 – negative, just the way I like them. 😉

9.24 018



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15 responses to “12 Miles Fueled by the Southern Sun

  1. Girl, that pace is identical to mine. We got this, we could totally bust out a good run together – that’s awesome. And I have the Garmin to prove it, that puppy doesn’t lie.

    New brewery AND yogurt, yes please!!!!!

  2. Luke

    The Southern Sun is great! Had a prof at CU that would take us there after every class. Glad you guys getting used to CO/Boulder so quickly!

  3. Elizabeth

    So I guess the fro-yo hiatus is over?

    Also, that photo looks like an ad – I’m just not sure if it’s for Garmin or Nike.

  4. Ooooh I really like that last pic!

    I have 12 miles on the agenda tomorrow, I’m excited for a shorter LSD run 🙂

  5. I agree with the other commenters… that is a great last photo! Made me smile.

  6. So I think you need to do that picture after your next marathon and make it a header image!! Love it and the negative splits! Congrats girly!

  7. Lacey

    great run heather!!

    ahh, BQ. i feel like just b/c i have it i should freaking sign up for 2011 but i just can’t see myself actually training for it and therefore it would not be an enjoyable experience. roar. why can’t i just be okay with running a little farther… well it’s a lot farther. i will just have to rest my heart about it and cheer the others on.

    and keep the boulder recommendations coming!!! if/when i ever make it back out there i will know what to do/ where to go!!! 🙂

  8. That is one smokin’ fast 12-miler!! You’re going to kick some marathon bootie in a few weeks. WOOT!!

  9. Nice job on the long run lady! you killed it! 🙂

  10. That brewery sounds great!
    Nice job on the run and negative splits! 🙂

  11. wow great pacing! i never tried using the HR monitor, i too like to run by feel on long runs especially

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