Three Things Thursday: Run, Eat, Sweat

1) To start on a completely random note, I’ve decided to leave the HR monitor at home for all “easy” runs. I’m rarely one to religiously follow a training plan – some days a 9:00 min/mile may seem easy, some days it might have your heart working harder on hills, in the heat, or on an upset stomach. So, when my plan says “9:09” for all easy runs, and I try to stick to an easy HR (<150), they rarely come to terms with each other.

Run by feel; when a pace feels good and you can breathe easy, listen to your body.

This morning was an Easy 5-miler, at average 9:00 min/mile pace. Nothing exciting, just a preparatory run for the next 20 tomorrow. This worked last week (easy by feel, not HR), leading into an awesome 16;  here’s hoping the same holds true for round 2!

2) A mid-afternoon picnic comes highly recommended, while the weather is still nice and the sun is still out there to be enjoyed! A few of you commented that this is a regular thing for you, too. I had a 2 hour break yesterday, D met me for lunch & a walk, and it could not have been spent any better than this:


9.16 009


9.16 015

9.16 005

Share a treat.

9.16 017

Enjoy that quiet coffee shop, caffeine & cranberry oat treat – especially before heading out to teach kids who have been cooped up in a classroom for 8 hours. Whoa.

Our group of kids are great! They are entertaining, kitchen savvy and usually willing to try whatever we have on the menu for them (lucky for us!). However, I do see the philosophy behind after-school Sports. I’m just sayin’.

3) One of my favorite sayings is “Sweat once a day.” Whether you choose to walk, run, bike, hike, stretch, pose in yoga, kick it out in Body Pump, or lift something heavy, you’ll almost always feel better using that body than letting it sit around.


Luckily, I work for a company that feels the same way.

The announcement:  I’m now part of the Lululemon team!

In addition to feeding some of my Nutrition passions through Sticky Fingers – with a healthy dose of kids, nutritious recipes & cooking – I’m now giving my obvious passions for Fitness & Exploration a chance to shine.

I couldn’t be happier about all of the above; this Colorado life is coming together, piece by piece, and feeling more like Home every day.


Your turnWhat have you done lately that scares/scared you?



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29 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Run, Eat, Sweat

  1. You got a job with LLlemon?? That’s great!! Congrats! Such a cute post. Looks like you’re doing well. So glad CO is working out for you guys!

    • Heather C

      Thanks! I missed you at Wash Park/Perk yesterday 😉 Looks like we’ll be up in FC for D’s ride on Sunday – if you’re free for a date, let me know!

  2. Congrats on the Lulu job… I would LOVE to work there… for the discount. 😉 Sounds like it will be a great fit for you!

    And I want to hear more about Sticky Fingers!! So fun.

  3. hurray! that’s so awesome! i’ve heard amazing things about them as a company 🙂 sounds like everything is coming together nicely for you guys!

  4. Lacey

    love that mug!! and YAY heather- CONGRATS!!!! what a great move this has been for you all around!

    does D have a job out there????

    • Heather C

      Not yet, we both moved out here without set jobs and things have fallen in place 🙂 Things are looking good for him too, though!

  5. Elizabeth

    Congrats again! I can’t wait to hear more about the job. It does sound like it’ll be a nice balance to the rugrats. 🙂

  6. Congrats to you!

    And right on sister with the running by feel!! That is THE way to go.

    “What have you done lately that scares/scared you?”
    Not sure I have an answer to that one.

  7. OMG OMG!!! HOW FABULOUS!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Keep me posted, can’t wait to hear more details.

  8. Yay congrats! My favorite store with so many classes and an all around fun place to visit!

  9. Liz

    Congrats Heather! It seems like things are really falling into place for you out there & I’m very happy for you

  10. what job did you get with Lululemon?? I’m jealous! I have been interested in applying to a job at their corporate offices in Vancouver.

  11. Ohhh what does the Lululemon team entail!? Sounds cool — congrats!!

  12. Erinn

    I’ve heard great things about the company, congrats! Will you be working in the store or corporate?

  13. That’s so exciting! Congrats girl!!!

    Also I will have to pick your brain on the nutrition thing when I’m in town. The trip has been paid for and I get in Tuesday night before T-Day. My Dad lives in Parker so depending on schedules we’ll have to figure something out! So excited!!!

  14. Congrats!!! That is awesome 🙂 I love lulu and would love to be a part of the team – very cool. Best of luck.

  15. Congrats on your new job lady! So excited for you 🙂

    Your picnic looks absolutely lovely!!

  16. Awesome, lulu is kind of my dream place to work (headquarters) or part time in a store. But alas, the small town living doesn’t have one of those fab stores. Love their yoga pants, tanks, etc. I shamefully check my shopping bag daily wondering when i can afford to actually purchase the things I’ve been pining over. UGH.

  17. Congrats on the job. Wasn’t familiar with them, but just looked at the site and AWESOME!

  18. n

    SO exciting about lululemon!! ahhhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂 CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  19. Aw I’m so glad that you are starting to adjust to Colorado! Congrats on your job at Lululemon! I’m starting the job search process now (I’m a senior) and I’m beginning to realize how important it is to be passionate about the company’s goals and beliefs, and just the company culture in general. I would LOVE to work for a company that believes in “sweat once a day”

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