Rejuvenating with 16

This distance has proved to be one of my faves during marathon training. Usually, it goes well and I don’t have that I-might-die-soon feeling shortly before hearing Garmin beep that signal that it’s over. Three weeks ago, I may have taken this relationship with 16 for granted.

Saturday, we rekindled our bond.


The Night Before: We ventured back to the Chatauqua Dining Hall with some visitors in town. If running is on the agenda, pizza is on the brain.

9.10 138

9.10 145

You’re looking at a larger than expected Chef’s Specialty Flatbread Pizza (minus bacon). Half of that filled me up, the other half came home as leftovers.

We didn’t skip dessert either. I mean, when in Boulder….right?

9.10 148 Luckily I have someone who is always willing to split. That fresh berry shortcake a la mode did not disappoint! I slept happily full and ready to run.


The Plan: Run 8 miles with my CamelBak (water), music and if-I-need-them Shot Bloks, then meet D for the next 8 for Accelerade & a buddy.

My Nike running capris finally saw the light of day again, it was a cool 50* at 6:30 a.m. and I had goose bumps up and down my short-sleeve exposed arms! I ran along the trail paying little attention to my pace, and more to the feel of the run.

Weather? Perfect. Pace? Faster than usual. Overall Feel? I could do this all day.

I ended up turning around at what would create 9-miles by my meet-up, knowing I always do better mentally with a shorter ‘second half”.

The Fuel: Water every mile, 1/2 Shot Blok package at mile 5, second half at mile 10. Accelerade around every mile (>9 miles).

Lemon-lime Shot Bloks are officially my running amigo.

The Second Half: D cruised along the trail to find me at ~8.5 with big waving arms and a smile. I laughed, turned off the tunes, and happily ran alongside my LR buddy.

We talked, sipped Go-Fast juice, strategized the marathon, compared my two training cycles (mentally, physically, etc), and let the miles tick by. When any hills came up, he reminded me “it’s nothing compared to last week.” Perspective is everything.

The End: With a lot of energy left in my tank, I picked it up. Having kept the average pace somewhere between 8:50-9:15, the legs quickened their step and created 8:31 and 8:15 for the last two miles.

16 miles, 2:22:44
Avg pace 8:55 min/mile, Avg HR 170 bpm

9.10 154 Done!  And officially on the LR-high for the day.

I refueled with my favorite: Banana PB Smoothie + Granola

9.10 158

2/3 c Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1/2 raw banana, sliced
1/2 frozen banana, sliced*
1 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
1/4 cup Granola

*Adding that frozen banana is key for a deliciously thick texture.


Runs like this completely rejuvenate the mentality during training. I have my lat 20 on deck next week, and I’m already excited to tackle it yet again!



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19 responses to “Rejuvenating with 16

  1. um, i just decided i’m going to try to come cheer you on in your marathon! what’s the date again?

  2. Elizabeth

    I did 18 on Saturday and felt the best I have in a long LONG time. Slow and steady.

    Love that pose, btw. Perfect.

    • Heather C

      Nice! 18 still holds the “nemesis” status with me, hopefully that will change at some point. 20 & 16 are fine. somehow that middle distance kicks my butt.

  3. Sounds like a great run.
    I hope to run a marathon someday but I can still barely get my mile under 14 minutes.
    I’m making progress though!

  4. What an awesome run!! And adorbs photo of you. 🙂 The weather looks perfect. Can’t wait for cooler temps in Texas…we’re getting little glimpses of fall here and there.

  5. yay!!! 🙂 so happy for you! sounds amazing!

  6. You make running 16 miles seem like it’s nothing!

  7. How cute are you in your post-run pose? 16 miles are awesome… long enough to really get some satisfaction/accomplishment out of it, but not long enough to knock you down for the day. Nice pace!

  8. Nice work, chica! Love the cute pic. Seems like that camelbak is working well for you. Are you wearing it during the marathon? I’m excited for my last 20 miler as well!

  9. Awesome run! As a beginner runner, I have learned that the “omg I am going to pass out and die” feeling ONLY lasts for 2 mins 🙂

    I hope that goes away as I get stronger as a runner 🙂

  10. I want to hug the big winner! Way to tough it out. I enjoyed the play by play…helps me know I’m not the only one going through that crapola. Great job!!!

  11. All the food looks soooo good!

  12. I love your obsession with pizza! And hooray for D for keeping you company on the second half. What a good guy!

  13. You are really killing this round of marathon training. I’m really excited to see what the ol’ legs pull off!! I’m a fan of 16 too…. 18 and I still aren’t on speaking terms, however…. and it’s been months. :p

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