Cross Training Explorations

While at the Parents’ house for the weekend, we stole rescued a Mountain bike that probably hasn’t seen the streets in at least four years. Except that one time in July when D rode it while I ran 12 miles…and last Saturday when he rode it while I finished out 20.

My point being, D & I thought we could show it a little more TLC. So we brought it back to Colorado, where a Mountain Bike can roam free!


Tuesday is my “Cross & Strength Training” day; I wanted to use this bike for some trail exploration, while I also had visions of attacking my legs with lunges.

Combining the two into one workout? No problem!


After discovering that my running trails goes a good 6 miles in one direction ( the most I had run on it was ~3), I turned around and headed towards the Park.

This Stairway to the Rec Center is only a few miles from the house, via trail or road. I’ve hit it in the middle of a run before, but going up once doesn’t really compare to turning around and doing it again, 5 times.

Getting back on wheels after lunges/stair repeats is slightly easier than trekking back on foot. Though, either way, the legs were spent! Mission(s) –Explore + ST – Accomplished.

16 miles, 1:12 + Lunges (set of 20) x 3 + Stairs x 5.


What is your Cross Training activity of choice? Right now, it’s the only day my bike gets a little attention, so I’m sticking with what works!



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16 responses to “Cross Training Explorations

  1. Today I’m doing yoga – I find it really helps with my running to keep me stretched out and to keep the core strong. I also love my bike and get on it when I can.

  2. Elizabeth

    Well, they’re no Lincoln steps… 🙂

    Glad you rescued the bici. They all deserve a little love.

  3. girl, those stairs are KILLER! i definitely like running stairs as an addition to regular workouts 🙂

  4. I’ve been doing the stationary bike to let my heel heal (ha) and I’m going to purchase a bike when we get back from Europe – I can’t wait!

  5. Are those stairs? I think I just shed a tear of joy. That’s beautiful.

    Isn’t bike riding the best cross-training?! Glad the mountain bike has a new home.

    Still yours truly,
    Wonder Woman’s Biggest Fan

  6. Yikes, I remember when stairs were our punishment for volleyball practice. Or I should say my booty remembers that. OUCH!

  7. I have been all about the hot yoga and strength training (ever 2 weeks or so. ha!) for cross-training. My bike has been terribly neglected this summer!

  8. I love that you incorporate so much variety in your workouts. Enjoy the new toy… I mean, BIKE! I see many more trail explorations in your future!

  9. Aww, way to save a life ; ) I hate running stairs, but it’s super effective.

  10. Right now, I am getting into Pilates. Great workout for the core!

  11. for a second there i thought you RODE the bike down/up the stairs…. thats what i get for reading too fast…. glad you didnt… great job on the hard work! you rock!

  12. oh i love throwing stairs in to a run, wish we had some anywhere around here.. or a hill!

    i too thought you rode the bike down the stairs!

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