Friday Food: Tomato Tales

On Wednesday, myself and a fellow “instructor” successfully convinced a group of 8 year olds that not only did they 1) like the taste of tomatoes but also 2) enjoyed the salad we created with them. Ah, victory is savory!


(Photo Source)

Then we sliced the baguette. “I want bread plain!”

Ah, Rookie mistake! Next time, just scoop the tomato salad on there, then present.

Compromise: 2 pieces with the “salad”, one piece plain. And here’s a fork, try not to dump your “salad” on the floor, please and thank you!

These kids bravely tasted green, yellow and red tomatoes. They loved the cherry and grape versions the best, and got a kick out of how some of them looked like “pumpkins”. Chopped up (with kiddo-safe knives!), and tossed with salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it was time to bust out the “green stuff”.

8.10 006

Three of our little students successfully identified fresh Basil by smell and taste. Cue shock. I’m not even sure I could have done that two years ago.

Nor would I have liberally eaten tomatoes.


Sadly, I had a strong aversion to this red juicy fruit. Give me ketchup (a Lot, please), salsa, marinara sauce, or tomato soup and I was one happy kid/teenager/young adult. Put tomatoes on my salad, sandwich or mixed into any dish, and I would politely decline. Or pass them to somebody else at the table.

tomato(Photo source)

Our relationship has evolved greatly in the last few years. Gradually I stopped picking out red chunks in my chili. Then I realized I enjoy a slice or two on a sandwich or pizza. Then I added them to my salads.

The other day, I cut and ate a slice. Plain. On its own.
That’s when I realized it was love.

What should you know about my summer-season juicy friend?

Tomatoes are a fruit, Not a vegetable
They contain a high amount of the carotenoid, Lycopene (giving them the Red color), which has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers and diseases.
Tomatoes are high in Vitamins A & C, potassium and calcium.
They shouldn’t be refrigerated, as that stops the ripening process and decreases the flavor.

I’m not sure I could choose my “favorite” way to eat them, so instead, I’ll share with you this: “10 Things You Can Do With Tomatoes” by Women’s Health magazine.

Enjoy! And tell me, what’s your favorite tomato tale?



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17 responses to “Friday Food: Tomato Tales

  1. Dustin Simon

    you should get your sister to like them 😉

  2. Now you are harassing small children? Have you no shame, lol. At 8 I would have said pass the Heinz.

    Glad you were able to show them there is a lot to love. It wasn’t until a year ago that I quit picking the tomato off my sandwich if we were eating out.

    In the south, my nanny throws salt on hers and can eat it slice by slice. (cringe)

    I have reason 11: Throw them at people who aren’t funny.

  3. i really don’t love raw tomatoes plain…but i do like them with things like salads and sandwiches, which is a LOT more than i could say of myself a year ago!

  4. Elizabeth

    I love tomatoes! Particularly cherry/grape ones. When I was a kid, I used to perform a dinner party “trick,” if you will, which involved squeezing a cherry tomato between my teeth and seeing how far I could squirt the seeds.

    My parents were thrilled.

  5. Confession: I used to despise and refuse to eat cherry tomatoes bc of their texture. Sure, I could have slices of tomato in my sandwich or salad, but not full on cherry tomatoes. Now I like them no matter what form their in. Yum!

  6. Thanks for the advice about refrigerating tomatoes! I always buy the grape tomatoes and have always kept them in the fridge. I am going to leave them out now 🙂 Have a good day!

  7. Wow – not supposed to refrigerate tomatoes, who knew?! As much as I love them, I typically just use one large one throughout the course of the week (mainly for sandwiches) and keep it in a zip-loc bag in my refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. Is there a better storage alternative for a partially used tomato?

  8. Lacey

    hahah! nice!! sounds like fun 🙂 i love tomatoes!! my bro eats them like apples. i generally cut them up first… hah.

  9. i love tomatoes… especially with pepper! plain! mmmm

  10. I HATED tomatoes too! In fact, I’ve just started liking tomatoes this past year when I started buying them FRESH at the Farmers Market. Go figure, hey!

  11. Our tomato journey is the EXACT same. Funny how big of a difference it makes when you eat fresh, in season, delicious tomatoes! 🙂

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