Weekend Treats

My weekend started with a successful first race in the Mile-High city, and only got better from there!

Saturday morning treated me to some amazing IronGirls:

8.28 040

I volunteered at the Finish Line, watching every athlete’s feeling of Accomplishment, Relief, and Success as they took their medal soaked in the day’s event.

8.28 039

I was also introduced to the two most colorful fans:

8.28 046
This all preceded Volunteering Duty #2 – joining one of my favorite Runner Bloggers, Beth (aka Shut Up & Run) at her event:

8.28 058

8.28 059

This trumped my little 5K with its Block Party, Food & huge attendance! D & I helped out where we could, and snagged some freebies along the way – running skirt for her (to use or not to use?! I’m still deciding. But it’s a cute piece of clothing, either way!), T-shirt for him.

8.28 057
The volunteers were also treated to free food & free Dale’s. Not a bad gig!


Now, clearly it wouldn’t be a complete tale of explorations around here if Boulder wasn’t involved somehow. We treated ourselves to another day of mountain scenery and Colorado sunshine:

Boulder 002
Yes, I’m obsessed. My camera just can’t help itself when we enter the city limits.

Boulder 003
Future running trail, FOUND.

Boulder 018

The other Heather said it best: “…no one loves bikes more than the people in Boulder. Really.  NO ONE.” 🙂 So true, myself included.

I think an entire photo shoot/day could be devoted to pictures of random bikes in this town. You would have no shortage of material.

Boulder 028


If there’s any way to end a great weekend, it’s with a healthy treat:

8.29 012

Vega Banana Soft-serve

1/4 c Oikos (non-fat)
1/4 c Vanilla Soymilk
1 T Vega Chocolat (Thanks, HLS swag!)
1/2 Frozen banana (sliced)

Blend (or Food Process) together, and top with a sprinkle of Vanilla Almond Granola. Here, you have homemade healthy heaven. 😉


What’s your favorite weekend treat?



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17 responses to “Weekend Treats

  1. Oooh. That running trail looks nice! Can I ask where in Boulder it’s located? I need to find some lengthy running trails in the Boulder area before my 18 miler in a couple of weeks. 🙂

    • Heather C

      We were right off of Arapahoe – near 9th/10th street! I’m not sure how long that trail goes for, but there were a lot of walkers, bikers, runners, etc 🙂

  2. What a fun weekend – your pics are gorgeous! My favorite weekend treat is pancakes or waffles for breakfast. Your soft-serve looks delish.

  3. Lacey

    looks like fun!!!!!!!! you were busy 🙂 being involved/outdoors is a really great way to spend the weekend.

    my weekend treat is generally just getting to do what i want with my whole day!

  4. Thanks again for coming out, it was so fun to meet you both!!! Looks like you had a jam packed weekend. As soon as stuff settles down, let’s plan a run.

  5. hahaha…girl, they LOVE their bikes! feet are for wimps 🙂

  6. What an amazing weekend. And what I love about this is you volunteered. Volunteers can make or break a race.

    The layouts and goodies from the events look fantastic. Glad you had a great time. I’ve heard so much about the Iron Girls, but have yet to see a look like you’ve provided.

    And yes, Boulder <3s bikes. You ain't kidding.

  7. I wish this Skirt Chaser 5K came to DC. It looks like you have a lot more fun/creative race opportunities out there in the west! Also, kudos for volunteering. I really should do that, too. I love when volunteers cheer for me during the race.

  8. Those ar emy kind of treats!!! Sounds like lots of fun, all around! Try the skirt!! 🙂

  9. Elizabeth

    Definitely give the running skirt a try. I love the two that I have.

    Also, that medal? Looks pretty sweet. Did you snag one of those, too? 🙂

  10. Yay! Keep the pics coming! I love them!!

  11. Ed

    Hi Heather! I found your blog through Healthy Living Blogs. I live in Boulder and I was looking for some CO bloggers. Saturday at Aflac IronGirl was my first every triathlon!!! Thank you so much for volunteering!!! The volunteers are what make the race so enjoyable for the participants. I really appreciate you taking the time to make the event great!
    And as far as bikes in Boulder go, I’ve heard you’re not even allowed to vote unless you own at least three 🙂

  12. Use! I LOVE Skirts Sports skirt (I use the gym girl ultra, the one with the compression shorts inside). I tried it out for the first time just a few months ago, and haven’t looked back — only using shorts again for the Run Amuck, for obvious reasons…

    They are great, and the storage pockets SO convenient!

  13. ARPL

    Would love to see the freebie skirt! So much more exciting than the usual giveaway T to me. I have a bunch of Ts that never get worn.

    Enjoying your blog, FYI. I’m reading from Winnipeg, Canada.

  14. I love the bike shots. There are few things that are more photogenic than a good bike! I dunno how I feel about running skirts either. I’d definitely bust one out for a game of tennis though! 🙂

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