These Trails Weren’t Meant for Walkin’

A little piece of advice for you: Don’t show up to a Group Trail Run thinking that you’ll “just hike”. That being said, you’ll love that trail run. Trust me.


Yesterday morning started out according to plan, “7 miles, Easy”. I mapped out a new route – half trail, half road, all perfect. No wrong turns, no high HRs, no too-fast miles, no huge hills. Success! I may or may not have listened to “Say Hey! (I Love You)” and “Bulletproof” more than once. The legs want what they want…

7.15 miles, 66 min, avg 9:14 pace

These 7 milers are playing games with my metabolism; as soon as I’m home my stomach demands fuel. Now! Andale! POM juice + H2O, 1/2 PB Cookie Larabar + 1/2 Banana.

That held me over for, oh, an hour? Cue the bottomless pit stomach! It’s not going anywhere, camp is set up and the fire is burning.

8.27 008 Using one of my HLS coupons got us these 14 oz Red Pepper Hummus for FREE.

I’ll take it! And so will my soft whole-wheat sandwich bread.

8.27 011

Tell me there’s something more refreshing than cold, fresh watermelon after any summer workout – I won’t believe you. It always hits the spot.


Now, where were we….trails? Yes, Luke invited me to join their Thursday Group. Sure! I’ll just hike! My legs are little tired from hills/stairs yesterday, but a good hike, yes, that sounds great.


The trail head was 0.6 miles from the meet-up house, so I ran with the group to see where we were going. Then we hit the trails, and well, I ran with the group because I don’t know where I’m going.


After 2 miles, I wondered how long my energy would last. Out of breath? Yes. Out of juice? Nope! Something about the distraction of a trail, constant turns, new scenery, views, and climbs can certainly keep your mind entertained.


4.5 miles later, we’ve climbed and climbed, taken a few turns, and there was no way I was breaking away from my small group. Lost in the woods? Nah, I’m good.


6.5 miles total, and I have no idea where the energy came from. D met us at the house (bike), and the Pot-luck began! I sucked down half a Nalgene (dehydrated, much?) , stuffed my plate with the goods (13+ miles in one day, hungry much?!), and soaked in the running high.



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12 responses to “These Trails Weren’t Meant for Walkin’

  1. Take me with you girl.

    I love trail running, it’s so refreshing. What shoes do you use?

  2. runeatdatesleep

    Such a beautiful trail! This is exactly why I want to move to CO!

  3. What an awesome day. I want to come, too. And you reminded me to go get some free hummus with my coupon from HLS – score!

  4. wait, where’s this?! it’s beautiful!

  5. Elizabeth

    I find it funny that you thought you’d just hike. Don’t you know yourself by now? You can’t not run! 🙂

  6. Nice unexpected double!! No wonder you were so hungry… the potluck dinner must have hit the spot!

  7. Watermelon- BEST post-run food ever. I did a race in MD in June that offered it at the finish line. I will forever think of that race director as one of my best friends. Way to rock an awesome double!

  8. i want to go on a trail run!!!!!! jealous!!!

  9. I’m fairly obsessed with bulletproof right now. Great for speedwork. 🙂 And if I could carry around a whole watermelon for consumption in lieu of water, I totally would. Seems kind of cumbersome however…. 🙂

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