When the Lights Go Down, in the Kitchen

Spinach & Red Pepper were ready for chopping, eggs were ready for scrambling, and my stomach  was ready for eating. Then I heard a beep, and the lights went down and out.


Adios, power! If I had known you were going to take a lunch break, I would’ve planned accordingly. Instead, I had just finished 6.5 hilly miles.

Between an out and back, I decided to incorporate some stair repeats. Who doesn’t love beating up their legs in the middle of an “easy-turned-hilly” run?! Some days I’m a masochist.


These leg muscles haven’t been subjected to anything worse than hilly runs recently. Lunges, squats or yoga? M.I.A. from my training, for no good reason. I’m inviting them back! I’m already feeling the consequences.


Luckily it is a “we need groceries” day, meaning there was little left to spoil in the fridge. There was just enough for two “Kitchen Sink Salads” – everything must go in!


What went into my Bowl:

Grape tomatoes, purple onion, spinach, mixed greens, tempeh, yellow pepper, shredded mozzarella, Annie’s Tuscan Italian Dressing, Pepper

Well, it’s no omelet, but this was tasty and filling! D used up some chickpeas & beets on his; my salad taste preferences aren’t quite as eclectic. 😉

Clearly we couldnt’ stuff everything into our stomachs in this Save-the-FOOD mission; I worried about our remaining Mahi Mahi & Salmon filets and eggs. I stuck the eggs in the Freezer (which maintained a colder temp than the fridge, obviously) and stashed the Fish into the ice bin. Success!

The lights went back on and the microwave beeped, demanding its clock be Set, about an hour later. Whew. Now it’s time to restock!



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11 responses to “When the Lights Go Down, in the Kitchen

  1. yikes…why did the power go out?! i really REALLY hope ours didn’t at home! p.s. i have a friend who lives in y’alls neighborhood who’s doing the half marathon in october…would you want to try to run with her on the days when your mileage is similar? just lemme know!

  2. Well… there’s always tomorrow for the omelet! 🙂

  3. Oh no!!!! Hate when this happens! Great save with the salad though.

  4. NOT the best time for the power to go out, but looks like you were resourceful with your dinner! Nice job on the hilly run with STAIRS!?!

  5. Look at that hill work, get them glutes a -going. Sorry about the lights, maybe you should pay the bills on time. KIDDING. The worse is when the power is out long enough you have to reset every friggin clock, lol.

    Love me some fresh greens.

  6. yoinks, nice hilly run!

  7. Hahaha. I love the Journey reference. This is like my go-to karaoke song 🙂 Nice run! You and I run similar paces . . . wish we could be running buddies!

  8. That would frustrate me to no end. I’m not as nice as I appear on my blog when the hunger beast is present. LOL

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