As Your Unofficial Boulder Tourguide

A Sunday afternoon spent with free Tea tours, local breweries and Mexican eats comes highly recommended!

We started at the one and only Celestial Seasonings Factory:


They do FREE tours. FREE! Your sense of smell will never be the same.

Fun fact: the “Mint Room” makes you cry. Similar to chopping an onion, only it smells amazing and doesn’t coat your fingers in an awful odor. The Peppermint tea is in a room of its own (i.e. the “mint room”), and is the only leaf milled elsewhere (in Washington) because the mint oils left behind would have to be cleaned off the machines daily. Special, aren’t you Peppermint? One of the top 3 CS sellers, and a tear jerker in the most delicious way.

Sunday 003

No photos allowed on the tour, but the Shop is a free for all! I could have spent hours in here – smelling, photographing, lusting over the mugs, kettles & goodies.

Sunday 005

Sunday 014

Sunday 016

Sunday 009

Celestial Seasonings’ Did-You-Know: The tea leaf only creates White, Green or Black Tea. Due to different processing methods, each color is unique.

White Tea: highest in Antioxidants & Caffeine
Black Tea: lowest in Antioxidants, High in Caffeine
Green Tea: high in antioxidants, Lowest in Caffeine

Other Fun Facts: They ship to 30 countries & label in 8 different languages; During the winter the Factor is ON 7 days per week!; “Sleepytime” tea is their best selling, love that bear!

Sunday 002

Well said, Bill!

Moving on, we decided on a brewery – who doesn’t love some local beer on a Sunday afternoon? You don’t have to twist my arm…

Sunday 017

…to sample 5 of the many On-Taps:

Sunday 019

Sunday 022

After small sips of the Blonde Ale, Honey Brown Ale, Red Mountain Ale & Billy’s Chile’s (made with 5 peppers!), the Hoppy Boy was definitely my favorite.

Sunday 023

I let D have most of the rest; we left Billy with his Chiles. Spicy food, any day! Spicy beer, no gracias.

Next stop: Avery’s Taproom! We’ve heard good things; we tested the rumors.

Sunday 025

Four ounce “tasters” for $1, live music, and free pretzels. I see nothing wrong with that equation!

Sunday 029

Sunday 028

I heart you too, Summer’s Day {IPA}.

Sunday 032

We’ll be back, Avery’s! You did not disappoint.

These hungry explorers ended the day with a dip into the Rio Grande for some Vegetable Fajitas & Green Chile. Those two things are a foolproof way to my heart (via my taste buds):

Sunday 033

Thanks to a generous Waiter and warm, soft tortillas, that was multiplied times three.



Still full of energy? Check here, a list of other options for Free activities in Boulder!

Our to-do list is long, but we can’t check everything off in one day. 😉



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24 responses to “As Your Unofficial Boulder Tourguide

  1. Dang, you two sure did get some touring in this weekend. So interesting to hear about the peppermint room making one cry. Those beer samples look mighty tasty!

  2. What an awesome day! Good info about the tea. This post makes me want to come spend a day with you in Boulder. 🙂

  3. I heart Boulder…I wish I could go back right now! I never did make it to Celestial Seasonings, but I’ve heard about the mint room! I was there back in April when they had the Earth Day festival and it was awesome. I don’t even like beer, but that Cream Style Stout sounds good!

  4. you sure were busy this weekend! the tea factory sounds amazing…and, of course, all the beer! 🙂

  5. I am really going to try to be nice here, but must you throw all the awesomeness of Boulder in my face. Making me jealous with the teas and beer, lol. Kidding!!

    I wish I was right there with ya, sounds like the perfect day. And you can be my Boulder Cruise Ship Director any day of the week.

  6. What a fun day exploring with some tasty treats along the way! Thanks for sharing!

  7. you guys should totally just move to boulder…i work here 40 hours a week and still don’t spend as much time here as y’all do 🙂

  8. Elizabeth

    Glad you’re practicing those tour guide skills. You’ll need them when we visit. 🙂

  9. Mamacita

    Love the pics! And I don’t think I would leave there without a new teapot and of course some tea.

    Love, Mom

  10. Jen

    Those are the best looking veggie fajitas EVER!!! Yumm!


  11. CS is great, huh? I used to work right by it.

    They have a yearly sale of excess merchandise (from tea to blankets), where the prices are AMAZING. Trying to remember what season it usually falls in. I will think on that & let you know.

    Glad you are enjoying CO, I love Boulder.

  12. wow! it is like perfect out there isnt it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Hey there, I’m a new reader, and I just wanted to say thanks for the tour! 🙂 I’m actually moving to Boulder in just a few days (from Colorado Sprongs), and I can’t wait to take advantage of some of the sites you featured on this virtual tour of the city. I’m now even MORE excited to head up to Boulder, if that’s possible….lol.

  14. I have never been to Boulder! Your post makes it seem awesome!!!

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  16. Becky

    Yay! I’m glad that a few of my suggestions worked out for you. I’ll pass along any more that I think of. 🙂

  17. I can’t wait to go there!!! I also wanna do the icecream tour there too!

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