Photogenic Philosophical Produce

After the 16-miler yesterday, we had a date with Ashley and the hubs for some Farmer’s Market browsing. Yes, I’m at this FM twice per week, and I still find things to buy. My taste buds appreciate this;my wallet might have some words for me.

8.21 008

D & I walked away with a new bag of fresh Basil (needed!), a Falafel and Hummus Gyro (I didn’t walk away with that, I ate it), a block of Blue Cheese & a bag of fresh peaches (current FAVE). I spent the rest of my time taking pictures that may or may not soon appear as our kitchen decorations.

I Love how photogenic colorful produce is! We could learn a few lessons from them.

Dance to your own Beet:

8.21 001

Pull yourself up from the ground:

8.21 004

Show your true colors:

8.21 007

Think outside the box:

8.21 005

Smile at a stranger:

8.21 006


Those peaches not only showed up in dessert last night – add 1 scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream and some cinnamon – but also found themselves on a waffle this morning.

pancakes 005

Look underneath the scars: slightly bruised (fresh from the farm … and bouncing around in my backpack all afternoon), yet juicy and delicious.



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6 responses to “Photogenic Philosophical Produce

  1. Aw, cute photo 🙂 I’m leaving now to come over for waffles + peaches. Mmmmmmmm

  2. Great photo of the beets!!

  3. yummy!!! that food looks tereffic!

  4. That flower is such a brilliant color! At least your spending at the farmer’s market is supporting local people and putting yummy, nutritious food in your body. Can’t argue with that!

  5. Gorgeous photos. Makes me want fresh produce NOW!

  6. wow. I must have peaches on waffles asap. but I would be throwing the ice cream on them too. that’s just how i roll. :p

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