Picnic & Froyo Fueling for 16

This morning, I survived another 16 miles! Slowly, the altitude and I are getting to know one another, becoming amicable. Admittedly, I went into this run a little cocky with thoughts of “it’s only 16” (compared to last week’s 20).

Here’s a piece of training advice: never underestimate any distance. Sure, the LRs get a little easier and more manageable each week as my mind becomes jaded with mileage numbers. But, anything can (and does) happen – hotter than usual mornings (95* high today! What?), running into the START of a 5k/10K (um, Oops), predicting to like Coconut water when in fact I don’t (I tried! To each their own, this was not my favorite).

I did 10 miles on my own, with 10 oz Coconut water that did not satisfy my thirst, running right into a local race around mile 7. This lead to the inevitable I’m-going-too-fast miles because heaven forbid I keep my easy LR pace and don’t pass at least 10 people. Sheesh.

Finally meeting up with D on the bike was a much-needed boost; he had water & Go-Fast-Juice all ready for me, he chirps with me so I’m distracted, and seeing him meant only a 3-mile out & back to go!

16.0 miles, 2:27:22
avg pace 9:12, avg HR 174

Getting a little faster, with a lower HR! Yes, altitude, we can be friends.


The fueling for this LR happened in Boulder, shocker! We live about 15 minutes away, but are evidently spending the majority of our spare time in this gorgeous college/mountain town. I pre-made and packed up this pasta salad for a picnic dinner. We took it to a park at the base of the Flatirons, hoping there would be somewhere to spread out and eat. Little did we know this amazing view was waiting for us:

8.20 037

8.20 053

Tell me there’s something more beautiful and I probably won’t believe you. My camera is 100% content with surrounded by this Mountain air, sunset, greenery and eats!

8.20 039

Sundried Tomato Noodle & Vegetable Pasta Salad

2 svgs Sundried Tomato Fettuccini Noodles, cooked
1 corn ear, boiled & kernels cut off
Purple Onion slices
2 cups Broccoli Florets, steamed
2 tbsp Amy’s All Natural Tuscan Italian Dressing
1/4 c Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (optional)
Grated Parmesan Cheese, to taste (optional)
Salt, Pepper

8.20 044

Combine everything together and toss with the dressing. Cool for ~1 hour. Easy!
Pack it up, grab blanket and pick your park. Enjoy!

8.20 041

This was the perfect summer evening meal, as we sat and enjoyed the company and our surroundings. Tasty good! Plus, full of carbohydrates for my legs.

8.20 043

Save money on a dinner “out”, but homemade: Check!
Watch the sun set: check!
Put on our jackets, pack up the picnic and grab a small Froyo for dessert: Check!

8.20 057

CeFiore we will be back. That was the best “Dark Chocolate” creaminess I’ve tasted yet. No wonder those 16 miles weren’t too hard 😉


What’s your favorite picnic meal? We’ll be back there soon, I’ll need some ideas!



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17 responses to “Picnic & Froyo Fueling for 16

  1. Amy H

    I love hiking up to Flagstaff and having a picnic there at the overlook where there are picnic tables (of course, you could always drive there too:) On Saturdays, I like to hit up the farmer’s market for finger foods (fruits, veggies, and the Two Mom’s in the Raw flax and sea kelp crackers…love them!), pack em in a bag, and take a hike up there. Not only does the food taste delicious because it is fresh and organic, but you are famished by the time you reach that point.

  2. 🙂 love a night out like that!

  3. Looks like a great night. Congrats on the run!

  4. Nice work on the 16, chica! You two look so cute all showered and dressed in regular clothes. 😉

  5. I always do the same thing by underestimating a distance just because it is not a 20-miler. Its those shorter long runs that always kick my butt!

  6. Great job on the run! I find that anything over 6 miles, I need some kind of fuel or else my long runs are effected dramatically.

    You and D are so cute! 🙂

  7. Great job on your run!! I always do that to myself- talk about how this run or that run will be easier because it’s less hilly or cooler- but truth is, it’s still running the same distance!

  8. aw, you guys went to ce fiore! i told you you’d like it 😉

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  10. pretty shirt! I used to live in Colorado and would love to move back….until then, I’ll just have to enjoy your beautiful pictures!

  11. carpeviam

    Good choice. I love Chautauqua. Also good spot for fireworks next year…just FYI. 😉

  12. That pasta salad looks delish and I’m loving your little picnic. So fun & cute!

    Great job on the 16!

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