Confessions of a Restless Marathoner

Six days “on” signals feelings of fatigue and that back-of-the-mind conscience telling me it’s time for a Rest Day. Dangit!

A lightened project load for today is leaving me around the house, with far too much time (and energy) to think “I could fit in a run. Maybe a walk? bike ride? Maybe we can eat lunch at a park? The closet should probably be organized – do we need anything at the store?– get me outside!”. I’m resisting this for now, but not happily.

I have a week of “7 miles” ahead; no LR, no speed work, no challenges. To reduce the boredom that will inevitably occur, I’m planning to find 5 new 7 mile loops.

With the above-mentioned spare time today, I have a rapidly escalating desire to bake. Then have a photo shoot with my little treats! There is a good chance these treats will be using sunflower seeds and/or dried cranberries, which have both been sitting my pantry drawer for way too long.

I’m already dreading the Taper period. See above.

I love this post!  And as a marathoner, or so-called “crazy” runner (by non-running friends/family), you will too.

16 miles on the agenda tomorrow is exciting to me – that’s when you know you’ve officially become Jaded by long distance training. 😉

A lunch time veggie burger + peach didn’t come close to filling me up – metabolism-on-high is officially in session!

I’m walking away from the computer (literally) to get some fresh air!

Any other restless trainees out there?



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13 responses to “Confessions of a Restless Marathoner

  1. I was thinking this morning how much pain I was in walking up stairs but yet I won’t complain when I run a 17 miler tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. We can all be “crazy” together. Good luck on the 16 miler! You are officially training at high altitude!

  3. Looking forward to your baking session with sunflower seeds & cranberries … two of my favourites!

    I’ve been on injury recovery this week and haven’t run since last Thursday. I’ve been cycling and a couple rides on my horses, but I’m itching to go run.

  4. I took today and yesterday off to give my arch a break and I’m ITCHING to run. Good thing I have 18 miles on deck for tomorrow!! 🙂

  5. oh no the dreaded cut back week!! I remember LOATHING it the first time it came around in marathon training, but loving every minute of it the 2nd time. My legs needed it by then. :p Your legs will thank you next week when you dive back in to it. Try to stay sane. 🙂

  6. I get restless if I go more than two days without a run!

  7. I’m not officially training but I am definitely at a point where I’m CRAVING the run – and have to make a conscious decision to take a day or 2 off during the week. If I’m only running 3-5 miles on each run, how many days per week do you think I can run without overdoing it?

    • Heather C

      In my opinion, 4-5 days per week is fine! Taking at least one day completely OFF is necessary for muscle recovery. Another day (or two) could be some sort of cross-training like biking, walking, strength training, yoga, etc 🙂

  8. Restless indeed, Heather. I’ve got 18 on Sunday and I’ve been pouring over the training schedule all day, trying to figure out how its all going to fit in as fall gets busier and busier.

  9. I may not be craving a 16 mile run, but I do crave some heart pumping physical activity!!

  10. I’m not a runner but I definitely crave my workouts when I’m on my “off” days. I know my body needs the rest, but I love that feeling of a great workout in the morning

  11. i was complaining about how bad my legs hurt yesterday yet i still went out running today…. LOL

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