Fresh Veg Salad & Fresh Market Buys

Before we sit down to eat, let’s talk groceries! Isn’t there a saying, “don’t shop while you’re hungry”? Let’s add to that list, “don’t shop right after you run” (I showered, don’t worry). Post-run on a hot morning, with tired legs, usually leads to a note of impatience in my step. We made it out alive! But, just take that warning.

On that note, I have another piece of advice: don’t “explore” (too much) on an Easy run day. Per SU&R’s interview with Dean Karnezez (go read this!), I’m trying to make each run “new” by taking similar routes but different turn-offs and detours. Keep things interesting! I ran around curvy neighborhood streets, hitting hill after hill, for 4 miles. Finally ending up at a city park, I came up on an enormous flight of stairs that seem to serve as a workout in themselves for lungers going up and down. There must be water at the top somewhere right? Right! Stairs, done. Water, guzzled. Run on!

Six miles, one shower, and one grocery trip later, I could finally make a salad I had dreamed up. This was inspired by a restaurant appetizer I saw over at Dorry’s place!

Lemon Basil Vegetable & Chickpea Salad

8.18 004

1/2 c chickpeas, rinsed
1 cup mixed salad greens
1/4 c cucumber, cubed
1/4 c grape tomatoes, quartered
2 tbsp red onion, diced
Fresh Basil Leaves
Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

With a side of Lime “Food Should Taste Good” Tortilla Chips, for crunch!

8.18 002Chop up your veggies! Place them atop a bed of mixed salad greens, and next to a serving of Chickpeas. Squeeze lemon juice generously, and garnish with Fresh basil leaves (yes, fresh, it will make all  the difference in that flavor explosion!).


I saved a few grocery purchases for the afternoon Farmer’s Market browsing. The other Heather met up with us, food date! We saw some beauties…

8.18 007

8.18 009

A batch of  peaches, corn ears, Apple Empanadas & Sundried Tomato Noodles later, it was time to plug in the self-control and exit the premise.

I cannot wait to bite into one of our fresh, juicy peaches. And that Apple Empanada is calling my breakfast taste buds…

What are your favorite fresh buys this summer?


P.S. My recipe page is finally alive and updated!



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15 responses to “Fresh Veg Salad & Fresh Market Buys

  1. sundried tomato noodles sounds delicious!

  2. Yay! That salad looks awesome. I could eat chickpeas everyday. I love what you said about making each run “new” – I tend to take the same route everyday because I’ve found some neighborhood with good shade but it gets old going the exact same way every time. Stairs? yes, please! Like an impromptu boot camp. 🙂

    My favorite fresh buys this summer have been berries & peaches from the Dallas Farmers Market.

  3. May the peach remind you of the south, and me dying in this heat, haa.

    I love your clean, fresh palette and ways. You make staying on track seems effortless, it’s refreshing to see so much healthy flavor in dishes.

  4. Thanks for linking the interview!

    That chickpea salad looks beautiful and tasty at the same time.

    No prob about this weekend, I’ll for sure let you know how it goes. And let’s try to get out for a run soon. Boulder might be a good mid point b/c I’m only 20 mins from there.

  5. i was so jealous of your peaches last night! i have to say the best things i’ve bought all summer are fresh corn, strawberries, and peaches. OMG they’re all so good!

  6. I eat chickpeas mixed with fresh chopped veggies most days for lunch! YUMMMMMY!!!

  7. Heirloom tomatoes & local strawberries and blueberries rock my world 😛

  8. Elizabeth

    Apple empanadas sound delicious. Of course, I’ll try any kind of empanada, any time. It’s also just fun to say.


  9. Oh my, I love everything in the summer. Watermelon, Cherries, Corn on the Cob…..It’s all always so good! 😉

  10. my fave veggies include green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers!!! i love tomatoes too but thats a fruit!

  11. Beautiful pictures!! And I’ve definitely made the mistake of shopping after a run before. Hungry & tired = bad news.

  12. My husband and I love the lime FSTG chips! I love fresh, in-season fruit in the summer!!

  13. Lacey

    mmm i love chickpeas 🙂

    my fave summer veggies are cooked summer squash and corn!!!!!!!!!! yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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