Chicago-style, Sauce on Top

Groceries are running low in the DOTR household; this usually provokes a challenge to see what we can make with what we have. Always thrifty here!

I jokingly say that if, at any given moment, I was to be cut open (odd, I know), I’d be full of pizza. Seriously, though. It’s the perfect go-to meal; easy to make vegetarian and still have a good balance of carbs, proteins & nutrients!

Well, on that note, I had pizza for lunch yesterday. It was inspired by a Chicago-style (Sauce on top of the cheese), if you ignore the whole “deep dish” concept, and the “dough/crust” concept.

Whole-wheat Sauce-on-Top Basil Mushroom Pizza

8.17 004

1 slice whole-wheat bread
1/4 c Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Mushrooms, sliced*
Fresh basil leaves
2 Spoonfuls Marinara Sauce

*insert your vegetable/topping of choice!

Turn oven on 375*. Top your bread with cheese first, so the sauce doesn’t make it soggy. Top your cheese with sauce, veggie of choice, and fresh basil leaves. Bake for ~4 minutes, or until cheese is melted and the bread/crust has yet to burn.

Cut according to your preference: I personally enjoy small pieces and symmetry. 😉


I topped off my lunch with some more HLS swag love, from “Oh! Nuts”.

8.17 008

The package came with three smaller snack-size mixes; roasted and salted cashews, roasted and salted peanuts, and sesame almonds. Clearly, I went with the Cashews. They were the perfect crunchy, salty snack. This is the kind of munch-food I can get behind; an ingredient list that reads “Cashews, Canola Oil, Salt”. All you need!



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17 responses to “Chicago-style, Sauce on Top

  1. Undeep Sandwich Dish pizza, niiice.

    Those nuts aren’t going to make it much longer in my household.

  2. omg, your “pizza” cracked me up! i have to admit i’ve done this before when there was no crust to be found…except i actually rolled out the slice of bread to flatten it 🙂

  3. Pizza is my favorite thing on earth, HANDS DOWN. Yummmm!

  4. Pizza toast….love! I live for pizza and all things pizza-inspired.

  5. I love pizza! I used to make “pizza” sandwiches in college when I was in a hurry. Same concept as a grilled cheese only with sauce and veggies too! Scrumptious!

  6. Yum! So many of my meals are based around pizza or tacos – both filling and easy to healthify.

  7. mmmmm! that looks GOOD!

  8. Mmm…i love various versions of homemade pizza. Last night however, manfriend and I got pizza out. It was fab. One half had pesto, cheese, red peppers and chicken, the other half had three kinds of cheese (holy yum!), basil and tomatoes.

  9. What a great idea for pizza! I’ve used pitas, flatbreads, and even french bread – but never thought of standard sandwich bread. It makes sense. YUM!

  10. Great idea! For some reason I have never thought to use regular bread either!

    Looks delicious though! Mushrooms are my favorite pizza topping!


  11. YUM! I really need to try that chicago-style pizza with the sauce on top!

  12. carpeviam

    So clever!

    I’m finding that Trader Joe’s has become my new best friend. They have the most delightful things.

  13. Oh, I do this ALL THE TIME! I use a slice of whole wheat pita bread instead of regular bread and sliced tomatoes instead of sauce because those are my leftover things I usually have. Usually a not-so-cool version of this:

    Anyway, glad Sprout is working out for you. Though nothing can quite replace Trader Joe’s, this seems to be working out alright 🙂

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