Getting Back on the Bike

After initial hesitation, I put on a “brave face” and clipped my shoes into the pedals.  I convinced myself to get back on the bike.

After weeks away from speed work, I put on my running shoes hoping that the legs were fresh.  I convinced myself to finally speed things up.


What does it take to get you out of the comfort zone?

I was visibly nervous (per D’s observations) on the bike yesterday; it was my first time back in the saddle since I tipped over. While I’m not entirely sure it was a good idea for my Left-arm/sore wrist, that is still unable to completely straighten, it was much needed for my riding-ego. We took things easy; I dictated the turn-around point, slowed down way in advance for stop lights, unclipped much earlier than necessary in most cases, and was overly-aware of my surroundings (not ever a bad thing).

Clearly I lived to tell the story! More importantly, I’m glad I got over any issues and just went out there.


Every speed workout has slipped from the schedule for 3 weeks now. My training plan has yet to be unearthed from random boxes (but it is in my inbox, poor excuse). Then, this altitude initially made normally “easy” paces more difficult.

End rant, get those thoughts out – I know what  a Tempo Run is, there’s nothing stopping me from coming up with my own, going for it, and telling the legs to toughen up! So, that’s what I did.

Warm up mile: too fast. Route selection: dumb (incline all the way for the first half). Pace selection (7:50 goal): painful, but good for me. Heart rate: too high. 5 tempo miles: did not happen.

I took the planned “5” down to the “3” once I realized what I was really in for. I also took a walk break after 2, picked it back up for one mile speedy mile, and cooled down for the last 2. 8:45, 7:48, 7:56 – break – 7:38 – break – 8:31, 8:26.


On both accounts, it’s a start! And that’s all you need to keep going.



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8 responses to “Getting Back on the Bike

  1. Elizabeth

    “Route selection: dumb (incline all the way for the first half).”

    It’s only funny because I can hear you saying it out loud. Oh, and because I’ve done it, too, and often have that, what was I thinking? moment.

  2. Glad you faced your fears and everything went well! It’s hard to get back to doing something after you have a negative experience, but it’s best to just get it over with and put it in the past.
    It doesn’t take much to get me out of my comfort zone : ) Pretty much anything out of normal routine haha

  3. Way to give yourself a little nudge on both counts. Glad you have your confidence back on bici and nice job on the speed work!

  4. The heart of a hummingbird, g’night!

    I am so proud of you for getting on the saddle. Yea:) Hope your wrist feels OK bb!

  5. carpeviam

    Way to go! Remember, you’re a mile high now! You’ll reap the benefits soon! 😉

  6. Congrats on a great ride!

  7. my friend once told me once you experience something tragic, to do it again immediately because if you don’t you’ll be scared to try it again! way to be strong!

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