Fueling in Boulder, Round 2

Never leave the house without 1) a jacket or 2) the Camera. Lesson learned with the latter last night! It will officially be attached to me for all further outings, especially when venturing to Boulder.

Before checking out the Wednesday Farmer’s Market in downtown Boulder, D wanted to drive up Flagstaff Road and assess his next bike-challenge. I had no idea what that meant, except that I would find out how much I should worry about his safety when he decides to take it on – fun! 😉

Well, friends, I was really in for it. If you are ever in the Boulder area, find Baseline Road and drive North until you hit Chautauqua park, and just keep going (slowly, and watch out for bike riders!). You’re welcome.

(pictures brought to you courtesy of the Blackberry – see above note about the missing camera)

We drove and drove and drove until nearing the “top”; there are plenty of places on the side to park and marvel, we chose this one:

I know. We could have stayed up there for hours, aside from hungry stomachs and the fact that I was wearing sandals. Next stop: Food!

We walked up and down the Farmer’s Market, browsing the vendors and comparing to last Saturday’s outing. Since I’ll be traveling this weekend, I just took mental notes of all the fresh things I want to buy.

This can only go on so long before my Pre-Long Run appetite kicked in and my legs demand Local Pale Ales and Pizza

I tried the “Lazy Dog Amber“, while D went with “Boulder’s Hazed & Confused”.
We sat on the rooftop and enjoyed our brews, our scenery, and our humidity-free afternoon.

Beers sipped and enjoyed, we walked along Pearl St Mall over to BJ’s.
Flatbread Margarita Pizza? Yes, please! Thanks, BJ’s.

I had one last stop in mind…Froyo, obviously.

Maiberry does “Greek Style Frozen Yogurt” – Anne, you and your tart preferences would approve! I ordered the “norm” – Original topped with Oreo (small). D ordered this:

As they started preparing his “Chocolate Decadence”, he realized he may not have read the menu very well and maybe this was going to be a little much. Live & learn, and let your significant other help you with that… 😉


Clearly my glycogen stores are all topped off. After this breakfast of champions (Coffee, oatmeal, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp PB), I’m off for this week’s Long Run!

I’ll catch you kids after 18-20 miles

Happy Thursday!



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9 responses to “Fueling in Boulder, Round 2

  1. wahhhhhhhhhh!! i must be pms-ing or something cuz the pics of the landscape totally made me teary-eyed. i miss the mountains so bad 😦
    hope your run goes well!!

  2. Hope you have conquered your miles. Beautiful views. Isn’t the beer in Boulder amazing?!

  3. Those views are incredible! I’m sure the climbing would be worth it.

    I hope that yummy-looking dinner was just he ticket for a rockin’ long run this morning!

  4. so pretty up there…that’s one of my favorite photography sites! you guys have to hike mt. sanitas soon…it’s short but so pretty!

  5. Elizabeth

    Good luck! Hope this goes better than the last long run…

    Also, leave it to you to find fro-yo immediately. 🙂

  6. Lacey

    oh MY gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is UP THERE. woooooooooooooooooo. D is biking up there????? yikes. i’m too scared of heights to even think about it. but it is pretty.

    love the names of the beers 🙂 and greek frozen yog sounds amazing!!!!

    this is my new favorite line: Live & learn, and let your significant other help you with that



  7. ahhhh these pictures are SO beautiful!!!!! 🙂 looks like boulder is treating you well!!

  8. heather! i am dyeing over the news that you are in denver! does this mean that you will be home more often?? sorry that i missed you while you were here for the wedding, hope it was wonderful. i saw some pics on facebook. looked like a good time. we have had so much going on… weddings to photograph just about every weekend. anyway! i love that you are closer to home & i love reading about all your new adventures in CO! hope all is well.
    love ya

  9. Dang, D, that is a serious fro yo treat! Looks like it could feed a family! Luckily, the BB took some pretty good pics. Looks like a beautiful place. Good work on the LR today!

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