Fueling in Boulder

Good morning! It’s LR time; my lungs are in deep concentration, my stomach is filling up on whole-wheat waffles & peanut butter, and my legs are itching to go.

Last night, we all fueled properly by taking it easy in Boulder and enjoying the scenery, rather than climbing around in it (which will be saved for this weekened). While D went for a bike ride, I waited outside a coffee shop with my book & the mountains:

Yes, this book is interesting and engaging. I’m about halfway through and so far, so good!

Once he returned, we stopped at Boulder Running Company and Bicycle Village – yes, that’s how we spend our spare time – before meeting up with Heather!

Venues of exploration: 29th St Mall & Laudisio’s

I spy fields that will be explored! Love this view.

My fuel: Local Brewed “Twisted Amber” Ale & 1/2 Margarita Pizza (shared with D). This recipe has yet to fail me, and this pizza was delicious and fresh:

We had a great time with Heather & her hubby, Nate! Thanks for the fun restaurant suggestion, we’ll need a date again soon šŸ˜‰


Coffee, Water & Waffles in. It’s time to run…

I’ll be back later with a recap, fingers crossed!



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12 responses to “Fueling in Boulder

  1. Elizabeth

    It’s no monuments, but you’re right – that view is gorgeous. Good luck on your run!

  2. I love that place for pizza. We actually went there on Christmas Eve. Yep, you can’t beat Boulder. You see those foothills, cozy coffee shops and bookstores and all the damn healthy people and know why you moved here. Hope your long run went well!

  3. margherita pizza + beer = best LR fuel EVER. I’m actually hoping that’s in the cards for my pre-race meal for tonight. fingers crossed!!! šŸ˜€

  4. Not sure if you knew, but the huz + I actually lived in Westminster for the first 4 months we lived here. From last sept-dec we lived with his brother + wife. šŸ™‚ Hope you have a great weekend!! Don’t you just love Boulder?

  5. wow your new town looks ADORABLE and beautiful!!

  6. gosh, i’m jealous of those gorgeous views. lots of luck on your LR today!

  7. That pizza looks good. Cute that you found another Heather in Boulder to hang out with. Those mountains look refreshing!

  8. Sounds like so much fun exploring the city! Man, those views will NOT get old!

    Hope the run was great!

  9. we had a blast with you guys! so much fun…next time we’ll take the party downtown and do a pearl street happy hour šŸ™‚

  10. those pictures are absoutley breath taking!!! can i come visit you!?? ahhhhhhhh so jealous

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