A Final DC-style Run, For Now

The RB, Kate, and I met for one more run this morning. We set out before the sun and the city were awake, and headed down toward the Mall.

On the way, we ventured into the GW Hospital for a pit stop, met a Police barricade on Constitution Avenue (apparently investigating a “suspicious vehicle”…), said hello to the sun as it finally woke up over the monuments, and looped back up Connecticut Avenue.

This cool morning could not have been more accomodating; I tried to focus on enjoying the run and the company, instead of our impending departure and cross-country drive. My final DC run (for now! I know I’ll be back πŸ™‚ ) ended after 7 miles, and a quick “sprint” to get the energy out of these legs.


To sum up my running & adventures in one of my favorite cities, I bring you a photo journey. Starting with my first race in DC – also the first time I met, and challenged, Ivan – including my favorite sites & people, an introduction to the tradition of Post-race/run Mimosas, and ending with my last race as a DC-resident:


Cheers, DC! You were my first love.

I’ll catch you kids on the flipside, from Colorado.



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23 responses to “A Final DC-style Run, For Now

  1. I’m getting all choked up – no lie! DC looks beautiful and I hope to see it myself one day.

    Have a safe trip to your new home!

  2. You are killing me – making me really miss DC. Such a cool city. But at least you get to move to another pretty cool place. They are such different destinations, but each has its perks and benefits!! Good luck on the long drive. Bring lollipops. And Mad Libs.

    • These pictures seriously make me miss DC!!! I went to school there and haven’t been back in awhile- we used to do speedworkouts at the polo fields right next to your third to last picture! Good luck in Colorado!

  3. From one awesome place to one even better. You are going to love running in CO and I’m going to be so jealous seeing all those pics.

    Have a very safe move!

  4. what a great collection of photos. I love the one on the metro!

    have a safe drive this weekend – play lots of car games and enjoy your snacks!

  5. just think about all of the great adventures you’re about to have! can’t wait to meet in person πŸ™‚

  6. Good luck with your move. I guess I’ll be saying goodbye to DC one day soon, too, since I don’t plan to be here forever. It will definitely be bittersweet. Colorado is really wonderful, though, and I know you’ll love it!

  7. AWww, you took DC by storm. Colorado better be ready for you! πŸ˜‰

  8. That was an amazing post. You can tell how much you love DC πŸ™‚

  9. Ivan

    Technically, I still owe you a mimosa. All the more reason to visit. I wonder how good they are in Denver? Only one way to find out.

    Thanks for all the miles…

  10. Drive safe girly and have a blast cross country!!!

  11. Lee

    I grew up in DC (well, Rockville, MD) and used to try to do flips on the metro like that when I was a kid.

    Good luck with the move!

  12. Heather, it was so great meeting you last night! I hope your move to Colorado goes well!

  13. J

    DC is such a beautiful place to run! Hope you have a safe trip!

  14. Awesome photo recap! The sunrise (I think? Maybe set?) pic is gorgeous! The subway/transit flipping pic threw me for a loop at first. Ha. I thought you were stretching.

    Good luck with your journey!

  15. Such great pictures! The one of you from the back is amazing. Good luck with your move!

  16. Love this post. So bittersweet. πŸ™‚ Laughed hard at the upside down pics, and still am in love with the marathon medal shot. πŸ˜€ If my memory serves me correctly, I may have reinacted in w/my marathon.

  17. I love how running and racing can serve as a way to chart your life. Happy trails to you on your way to your new home city, and thanks for the reminder of how cool my current home city is!

  18. Good luck on the move from D.C. to Colorado. I actually made the same move 5 years ago. I miss D.C. but I love Colorado very much.
    Have a safe drive. It’s a long one!

  19. hanging upside down in the bus!! omg you are AMAZINGLY COOL! haha ❀

  20. Awww I love this post. DC (and I) miss you already!

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