Three Things Thursday: Miles, Yoga & Packing

1) Anne P & I put in another run on the trails this morning.

When DC spoils us with a few slightly less humid days, my body quickly acclimates and refuses to accept the Norm (the Norm = uncomfortably humid, 24/7). Let’s just say that the extra towel I brought for the car ride home? Soaked. My seats? Sort of dry, thanks to that. My shirt? Didn’t make it to mile 1, before it was wrapped around my neck and used as a sweat-wiper.

So glamorous!

This was our last run together (until HLS!); we made a Sadface.

We took a walk-break at the turnaround to let our body temperatures try and figure out what we were doing. That included, we got in a good 5 miles in 49:40.

2) I took another break with a Vinyasa Yoga Class at noon, yesterday. With a lot going on this week, I needed something to press “pause”; something to take my mind off the tasks on my to-do list, good-byes, projects & boxes.

It’s safe to say that those 60 minutes were exactly what the Yogi ordered. Every time I closed my eyes to zone out, my mind went straight to a vivid image of the Rockies; everything else was gone.

I know, how very “Zen”, right? Good job, mind! I owe those 60 minutes to you. And Olga, the Yogi. If you’re in DC, go to Stroga, and go to Olga! You’re welcome.

Has anyone else recently discovered Yoga? What about Ashley’s All Over Yoga? Next to the bici (aka Bike), this is my new favorite Cross training activity. I’m excited to keep it up and improve some poses. I’m also dead set on tackling crow & headstands. You will not defeat me, gravity!

3) In case yoga doesn’t do the trick, my arms and legs will officially be overworked by the time we depart DC on Saturday morning. Packing up is no easy feat!

Besides getting everything safely into boxes, trying to decide what we “need” right now, and trying to remember where I stashed something (too early) that needs to be unearthed, we’re also trying to consume all perishable pantry items! In hindsight, the trip to TJ’s last Sunday may not have been entirely necessary. But, when we’re on the road with extra apples, pretzel sticks, grapes, grapefruits, carrots, blue corn chips, CLIF bars, Luna bars, mixed nuts/trail mix, nutella & peanut butter (uh oh), and mini dark-chocolates, I’m sure we’ll be glad we stocked up…right?

Well, in any event, if we get stuck at least we have enough to fuel a small army. Geeze.


Happy Thursday!



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11 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Miles, Yoga & Packing

  1. i can’t believe you’re moving saturday! that’s so crazy!

  2. You two are toooo cute, and how does your hair look so good? Mine is a wild mess tamed with pins, elastics and hair bands while running. lol

    Good luck with the rest of the packing! WOWZERS you are moving to CO!!!

  3. I love yoga. I take it right after my spin class on Monday nights.

  4. J

    I love yoga but in the summer it really doesn’t fit into my work schedule to attend a class at the gym. Come September I hope to get back into it!

    I also really like how you braid your hair. I cannot braid my own hair like that, only other peoples.

    Hope the move goes well this weekend!

  5. sounds like a fab way to start out a thursday!!! 🙂

  6. I love yoga – my favorite is hot vinyasa (different than bikram) – it leaves me sweaty and tired and very ahhhhh.

  7. Work it lady, work it! I love yoga:) It’s fantastic for making me slow the heck down.

  8. Great workouts! I am a firm believer of using ones shirt as a sweat rag when it gets past mid 80’s!

  9. I need to re-discover yoga, pronto.

  10. LOVE Ashley’s All-Over Yoga idea. I don’t take yoga classes, but making myself do the boat pose or tree pose for three minutes is so much easier than talking myself into an hour-long yoga DVD—and gives me such a great mental boost!

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