A Late-Night 16-Miler

Last night, I ran 16 miles. Late-night run, Success!

Before: With a 7 pm “start” in mind, the forecast was “feels like 93*, humidity at 38%”. I can get over that heat, since it cooled Down as we ran (glorious!). That humidity level? A-mazing.  The plan: meet Kate for ~10 miles, have D with me on the bike, and enjoy a nice LR so it can be crossed off of the Saturday agenda.

Around 5:30 I had some pre-run fuel, and I made some during-the-run snacks.

Nutella + Whole wheat Bread + Banana + Peanut Butter

Nutella + Smashed banana + Bread
Yes, these little sammie-bites were just as messy, and tasty,  as they look.


D & I headed down through Rock Creek Park, up behind the Lincoln Memorial, and along the Mall until we met Kate (4 miles). From there, it was a simple out-and-back along the Mount Vernon Trail.

On D’s bike you would find two hydration sources: Water & Orange Accelerade. Aside from races & Propel, I’m not a  Sports-drink drinker. The Accelerade was a risk – a tasty, refreshing, electrolyte -replacing, totally-worth-it risk! Thumbs UP.

Welcome to my brain, over the course of/after completing 16 miles…

  • When you think it’s a good idea to pack snacks that you like (see: bananas, nutella, peanut butter), think again. Eat them while you run, digest, keep running. Then, guess what? Those foods don’t sound so good after you run, and that is a sad day.
  • I think they should serve popsicles on race courses. They are cold, refreshing, juicy, and full of sugar – all good things! (I grabbed a TJ’s All-Natural Strawberry Popsicle immediately after walking in the door. Heaven.)
  • During-the-run fantasies: cold, sweet, smoothie, yogurt…you get the idea. After-the-run consumption of said things: initially tasty, quickly gross, I-want-salty! Grab the tortilla chips. Perfection.
  • A bathtub full of cold water is not the same as an ice bath. Plan ahead; buy ice next time.
  • If the Garmin loses signal for at least 1/4 mile, it’s okay to stop when it says “15.75”. I won’t, but I should remind myself it IS OKAY. Ugh.
  • Running with the RB and D? It doesn’t get any better than that. I heart good company.

Does anyone else find themselves slightly “delirious” after Long, hard workouts? I swear my brain switches gears to make up for the fact that for the past 2.5 hours, I solely concentrated on enjoyment/survival. 


16 miles, 2:26:26, avg 9:08 min/mile



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16 responses to “A Late-Night 16-Miler

  1. You are SO hardcore. Nice work!!

  2. I totally identify with your long-run delirium. On an solo 18-miler last year, I was so excited to hear my favorite Wu-Tang Clan song pop up on my playlist, I exclaimed: “That’s my JAM!” On Sligo Creek Trail. Around complete strangers.

    I also identify with the mid-week long run. I adopted the same strategy for my 10-miler, running four miles by myself before my regular group run on Tuesday. Having a huge group of buddies to meet up with was so motivating!

    NICE JOB squeezing yours in…and thanks for sharing your particular brand of delirium!

  3. When I ran the VA Beach Rock n Roll Half last year, not only they gave us an ice cold wet towel at the finish line, but also a popsicle. I thought it was the greatest idea ever!

    Hoping for a repeat of it this year!

  4. 16 miles on a hot Thursday night?? So impressed! I’m slowly catching up on all the blog posts I’ve missed over the past few weeks. Can’t believe you’re up to 16 miles already! You’re getting me very excited for my own training. Congrats on the successful run 🙂

  5. Lacey

    check! way to go!

  6. Awesome job on the long run! Great company is the BEST… having your own personal sherpa is not bad either. 😉 Must be SOO nice to have it done before the weekend.

  7. J

    Great job on the night time long run! That is totally awesome! Sometimes it feels so good to do a long workout in the evening!

  8. girl, you are hard core. there is no way i’d do 16 miles!

  9. That is great that you plan them with friends and a bike buddy. Does he bike in circles and come back to check on you every so often? My long runs are different than yours, but hitting my newest long distance of 7 miles made me feel a little funny in the brain. Hopefully it’s just temporary shock and my body will get used to it! Gotta keep movin’ up!
    What foods do you recommend if that sandwich wasn’t good?

  10. Sweet jeebus! Standing ovation from me!!! Nothing beats a proper pb sandwich. I get all excited about Nutella but it is not the same.

    So very proud of you!

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  12. I love how you had to run until your Garmin read 16 miles!! I would have done the same thing; I’m kind of anal like that.

  13. Nice job on the run girl!! 🙂 You killed it!

  14. I totally would’ve stopped at 15.75….silly girl. :p And I always crave SO MUCH SALT for 2-3 days after long runs…. or sweaty speed work days. Or days that end in Y that have runs during them. 🙂

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