The Contemplated Mid-Week Long Run

Earlier this week I wrote about Taking Risks in this Marathon-Training cycle. Well, there’s a difference between adventurous, and self-induced injury-prone, running. To avoid the latter, I may or may not switch my 16-mile run to tomorrow.

Yes, a LR on Thursday!

Why rearrange things? We’re signed up for a 5K race on Saturday night to commemorate my birthday, and running this race for the second year in a row.

Welcome to my though process over the past 48 hours:

  • Doing 16 miles Saturday morning + 5K saturday night = Asking-for-injury, no? It is not planning at its best.
  • Maybe I won’t race the 5k? Maybe I can just run it?
  • ….maybe I shouldn’t run 19 miles in one day. Not yet.
  • It will probably take me ~2.5 hours to do 16 miles. How late can I start – avoid 90° temps, while also avoiding a 10 p.m. finish?
  • Should I do my Tempo Run today (wednesday) if I plan on doing 16 tomorrow ?
  • What route would I run? Research! Old LR training routes from the winter? Where was I running all the time?!
  • No more Heels at work – will my inserts fit into flats?** Should I rock the “office mullet” (a la The Redhead! ha) with my  shoes + work clothes?
  • This would mean I get to sleep in Thursday and Friday! Whoop! (meaning my alarm is Not set for 4:45 a.m.)
  • …it would also mean I get to sleep in on SATURDAY. Oh, wow.
  • Is it dangerous to do two LRs within 5 days of each other? Thoughts?!
  • On Friday night (and Saturday morning), this decision will seem so smart

**Yes, they do! And I’m wearing them! My arches are thrilled.

The list could go on, I’ll spare you.


My week, so far, looks like this:

Sunday: 27.5 mi Bike Ride.
Monday: 5.25 mi “easy” @ 8:50 avg
Tuesday: 45 min Ride (Trainer-style) + 50 min Stroga Class (Power Yoga) at night
Wednesday: Tempo Run 6 miles @ 8:35 avg – middle miles @ 8:10 avg

While I was supposed to go for 4 Tempo-miles this morning, I nixed that idea. Save those legs! However, my Plan called for 4-tempo miles at 8:06…?? I think I need a new Speed regimen. Kate and I were chatting, holding back, and taking it easier today – yet we hit that pace.

Today, I’m happy about that! I’ll take it as a sign of improvement.
Tomorrow, I hope my legs don’t declare battle.


Have you done a midweek LR before? I did 20 miles this winter, right after work, as we had an impending snow storm (yay, winter training!). That adventure makes 16 seem manageable; but I also left at 4:30 pm and had no worries of temperature or time. We’ll see how Round #2 goes…



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12 responses to “The Contemplated Mid-Week Long Run

  1. Good luck! Sometimes I do long runs on Fridays – not quite mid week. It throws me off a bit but at least you get to sleep in!! I think you can do two LR within 4 days since you’ve got a solid foundation.

  2. Lacey

    sounds like a good idea to me! good luck!!

    what inserts do you wear??? my bro and a couple of my friends wear orthotics but i’ve never really tried them.

    and that’s a fabulous idea to commemorate your bday with a race 🙂 i did that with the nyc half last year!! 🙂 all around awesomeness.

  3. I did an 11 miler before work right before going on a long-weekend vacation. It was my favorite run by far, and there was no where to run in Punta Cana, so also a very smart decision.

    But Saturday I’ll be doing the 14 miler in the morning, then the Crystal City Twilighter at night… Last year I was training for the half, and ran 8 miles that morning and the 5k at night and it worked…

    I might pass out once I cross the finish line, we’ll see!

  4. i haven’t ever run 20 miles, so i can’t say that i have ever done a long run mid-week before 🙂 but i say go for it! do what you need to do, right?!

  5. I say do your long run tomorrow. its only 2 days between thurs and Saturday anyway plus to be able to sleep in Sat morning is the best birthday present you could ask for! I did my long run this morning because I had to drive my mom to the airport at 5am so I was already up. It feels great to get it out of the way (13m) and now I don’t have to worry about it over the weekend! I say, go for it!

  6. I haven’t, but would if my body wanted to. I’m so busy with work and such that I can’t dedicated myself.

    As I say this, I did an hour of stairs this AM and have a long bike ride planned tonight. WTH was I thinking.

  7. J

    Go for it!! I have never done a longer run after work, but I think you could totally do it! I always have to switch to flats when i know I have a tough workout coming. Otherwise my feet hate me!

  8. Impressive schedule there! I found your blog from the HLS site and had to check it out as a fellow RD! Wish you all the luck at the summit!

  9. Good luck! I haven’t attempted a mid week LR, but it sounds interesting and quite an accomplishment after a full day of work.

  10. Haha! My thought processes are crazy like that all the time. All the time! The hubs thinks I’m a mad woman.

  11. i have to rearrange marathon training in the middle of august for a wedding i’m in…. and i did last summer when i was training for chicago twice… i believe i ran a 19 miler on a wednesday night (which was interesting) and a 17 miler on a thursday morning (which was one of my best runs ever)…. i LOVE changing it up a bit!!!

  12. I swear I’ve yet to do a LR on the weekend during this round of HM training. My schedule keeps getting flip flopped. Stupid fun plans on the weekend. :p Sounds like you made the right decision based on your schedule. Where/how’d you come up w/your training plan? My tempo paces are at 8:01 (which is tough for me), estimating a 1:45 HM finish. What time are you shooting for in the marathon?

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