Three Things Thursday: New Groceries, 14-ers & Scoring Your Neighborhood

Thanks to Morgan and her creative way of condensing Thursday posts into lists! My brain is temporarily disfunctional as I’ve already exhausted myself with an early 7-mile hill run (with Kate!), and proceeded to forget my coffee at home…for Fail #1. Stopping at Starbucks to make sure I got caffeine in some form this morning, I soon realized they pumped some Hazelnut into that Grande cup (despite my “unsweetened, black” request). Fail #2, but I’m consuming it anyway.

Moving on!

1) New Grocery Store Picks: During my lunch break yesterday, I wandered the aisles of Trader Joe’s and ended up with two “new” purchases:

I’m usually guilty of purchasing one a few of their Dark Chocolate Bars (for only $0.69!) and having squares for little “desserts” throughout the week. However, these Chocolate Pretzel Slims are singing to my taste buds. LOVE them.

After my run yesterday morning (back in the humidity of DC), hydration was the main focus of the day. I got a little tired of plain ol’ water, and while I’m a big fan of Cranberry juice, I am not a big fan of filling my cup with sugar. The ingredient list on this read “Cranberry Juice”. Done. That’s it. SOLD. I lined the bottom of my cup with juice (~1 oz) and filled the rest up with water. Sweet (but not too sweet) perfection!

2) Weekend Plans – Long Run priorities. You know it’s training season when your weekend plans revolve around whatever distance is on deck for Saturday morning! My car is getting a hitch attached for the move, with an 8 a.m. appointment. Since I have no desire to start 14 miles at 9 or 10 a.m., I’ll be up just as early as usual. 14 miles before 8 a.m.? That’ll be an interesting test for my energy endurance throughout the weekend.

Saturday night we’re going to see Jack Johnson in concert! Assuming I’m still awake by then.

3) The Walkability Score – While in Denver on Monday/Tuesday earlier this week, we finally decided on a place to live! I may or may not have excitedly spent yesterday wandering around the new ‘hood via Google Maps, finding grocery stores, restaurants, parks, trails, yoga studios, etc. Yes, Googe Maps is one of my very best friends.

Next on the agenda: check the walkability score! We spent a little while driving around before seeing the place, so I know there are sidewalks, parks and trails galore. But, just out of curiosity, I thought I’d let do the calculations. I love this site; it’s a great tool if you’re checking out new areas! Not only does it give you an idea of how “walkable” the neighborhood is, it also provides distances to the closest food stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, parks, etc. If you ever wonder what’s surrounding you, this place has the answer (as does Google Maps. Just sayin’).


Happy (almost Friday) Thursday!



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16 responses to “Three Things Thursday: New Groceries, 14-ers & Scoring Your Neighborhood

  1. chocolate + pretzels is one of my fave food combos. will check out. and i do the same thing, with pink lemonade (dilute with water).

  2. Liz

    14 miles before 8 am on a saturday = hardcore! I’m going to the concert too, maybe I’ll run into you 🙂

  3. I love the walkscore site. Thanks. So, what was the score? My house scored so low – 12 pts . Suburbs.

  4. Wow, we got an 82!! Cool site.

    Good luck with the super duper early long run Saturday – you’ll be SO glad you did! We’re going away for the weekend so I’ll be running long tomorrow morning before hitting the road. Should be interesting…

    Have a good one!

  5. aw, i didnt realize you guys were here! what neighborhood? i can’t wait to meet you when you get out here for good 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    You’re so going to need a nap on Saturday.

    Also, when I get tired of water, I make my own lemonade. Squeeze a few lemons into my nalgene (and leave them in there), and add a few splenda packets. Just enough flavor to make it different.

  7. Lacey

    goodness graciousness you are busy. good luck with your 14. and JACK JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!! awesomeness! i hope he sings flake 🙂 one of my faves from back in the jj break out days.

  8. Where in Denver?! I must know:) In the I hope to live there not stalking you kind of way:)

    Dern those pretzel thins, soooo amazing.

    We got up at 7 this past Sunday to hit up the lake before everyone else, totally worth it. You won’t even realize it after you’re up!

  9. Great post. I’m going to check out walkscore. Crazy lady planning to get in 14 mi BEFORE 8am, but hey that’s impressive and productive! I too love adding water to real beverages for running or rehydrating after a run. I’ve been doing that trick with the pom. green tea from TJ’s. Love just a bit of sweetness and the caffeine.

  10. I totally missed out on the fact that Jack Johnson is going to be in town. 😦

  11. i ran 7 today too! good job!

  12. that’s such a cool site. apparently my place is an 86 out of a 100. and only 5% of places are higher than me in my city.

    have fun getting up eaaaaaaaaaaaarly. And tell Jack that I lurve him. ❤

  13. Mmmm Jack Johnson! Love him! Have fun and drink a Sugar Free Red Bull if a nap after your long run isn’t feasible to keep you awake for it!

    Love the walkability link! Very cool!

  14. carpeviam

    “14-er” will take on an entirely different meaning when you move to Denver. 😉 I had a lofty goal of completing all of them (50+). One day…

    PS-No Trader Joe’s in Colorado. I’ll send you whatever you need. 😉

  15. I love cranberry juice with ice, but usually avoid it b/c of the sugar/cals. I’ll have to look for plain old just 1 ingredience C-juice. Oh and totally checking out the walkscore site.

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