Soon to be Home

Who tackles a 6 mile run (at 5 a.m.) after 5 days of vacation, 4 airports, 3 travel days and 2 runs (12 mi, 5 mi)? This Girl! Who also forgets what a heavy night of rain will do to humidity levels, and runs without water? This girl.


It was good to see my RB and get back in the swing of things; my body’s current water levels may disagree, but I have all day to make that up. We have 3 more weeks of early-run rendezvous, before my training takes itself across the country.

We stopped through Colorado on our way back this week, and I snapped a few pictures of what is soon to be home

From the plane.

Downtown Boulder.

The place I plan to spend many hours, and dollars. 😉

The big city – from the Tavern.


We had a great time, and many successes during a short period of time! It’s a little surreal to be back in DC, knowing we’ll be leaving again so soon. For now, it’s back to reality.



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8 responses to “Soon to be Home

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you had such a good time, and it looks like a lovely place to visit…I suppose I’ll have to get used to the “home” title.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Must have been fun to explore your soon-to-be-new-digs! Awesome on the morning run… not so awesome on the lack of water. I can’t run for 20 minutes in this without a drink!

  3. no! it’s too soon! don’t go! 🙂

    it looks gorgeous, and i hope you guys will be really happy there!!!

    bike ride this week? are you little miss super busy?

  4. Lacey

    soon to be home is BEAUTIFUL!!! and you must go to the celestial seasonings factory. if only because i can’t go there every day 🙂 take the tour so you can experience the mint room!!!!! that will open your sinuses 🙂

  5. carpeviam

    Yay! I miss Pearl Street…

  6. J

    So beautiful! Love the picture from the plane!! Wish I could move out there now!

  7. can i come visit you and run a marathon in CO??? i’m so jealous!!!!!!!

  8. Love it! Boulder is beautiful and when you move there we can meet each other when I visit my Dad in Denver! Woot! Have I told you how I think of you as my imaginary workout partner during my workouts… you got 10 this weekend too? 🙂

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