Three Things Thursday: Giveaway & Triple Threat

1) Last night Kate & I used another pass for Stroga; we chose the Power Yoga class again, this time it was 75 minutes and a different instructor.  Apparently we have indefinite confidence in the strenght of our legs; speed work in the morning, power yoga in the evening, let’s go! It was a male instructor this time; we started with a few minutes of relaxation, getting into the “zone”. We did plenty of forward lunges, warriors, twists and turns, holding, planks and side-planks, forward bends, downward dogs, vinyasas, a fish pose…..wait, what? That one was new to me.

My leg muscles were burning at various points, but they appreciated the stretching and varying challenges. My shoulders and wrists felt stronger than last time; downward dogs will not defeat me! I want power yoga to be a constant during this training cycle; it stretches, relaxes, strengthens and challenges every fiber. I’m hooked!

2) After our double-dose yesterday, we set out for an early run today. Within 24 hours, we worked our muscles three times – triple threat! During my warm-up, I quested our logic on this one. As soon as I saw her and she said “I’m tired”, I did the usual – laughed, agreed, and started running.

Her directing skills took us along Massachusetts Ave, through downtown, along the gravel on the Mall as we ran towards Washington Monument (Good morning, DC!) and onto Constitution. I love when I can say this – I saw the Capitol, Monument and White House this morning. 🙂

Key to motivation: keep your runs interesting! And chat with your friend.

7 miles, 60 minutes, avg 8:35 pace – this rounds out my week until the Saturday LR.

3) While I won’t elaborate too much, just yet, I’ll be hosting another Giveaway tonight! Remember the Webinar I attended last week, with IronGirl and Fitness Magazine? They send me a LOT of goodies, and free entrance into one of their events for you + 1 !

Stay tuned.

Happy Thursday!

(Three things Thursday is brought you a la Morgan)



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8 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Giveaway & Triple Threat

  1. Elizabeth

    Free entry into an event? I’m listening…

  2. i love how you see so many cool things on your early bike rides and runs. i think it is so cool! Houston, TX is not as exciting, but I do map my runs by some big houses.

  3. Boo my web link above goes to my old site. My link is

  4. Nice work! I kind of love those days when you push your body extra hard. Love feeling the buuuurn!

  5. Somebody is eating their Wheaties! You are a little powerhouse.

  6. J

    I love doing three workouts in 24 hours! It really make you feel good!!

  7. Hi there! New follower…love the blog!

  8. nice work miss TT 🙂 hehehe!

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