Using the Cross-Training Option

Every training plan includes rest days, and cross-training days – whether or not that suggestion is used wisely is entirely up to you. I have chosen Runner’s World Smart Coach Training tool for numerous races in the past; it has never failed me, but I’ve never used it to the full potential.

When I see “Rest/XT”, nine times out of ten that meant “take the day off!”. My legs work the best when I run them four days per week, meaning I usually had three days OFF.  Occasionally that meant Strength Training (I like to use workout DVDs), Bikram Yoga, walking or doing a Core routine. I never consistently did any of the above, so by the next day I may or may not waddle-walk thanks to sore glutes/hamstrings, or laugh with caution because my Abs have no idea what I tried to do to them.


If you’re just joining, yesterday marked Day 1 of Marathon-training for #2.

This time will be different; I want to cross-train. I want to continue my early alarms, in my opinion nothing wakes you up better than a quick sweat. I want to continue riding my bike a few days a week,  I know my legs benefit from the low-impact but still-challenging rides. I also want to keep up the Strength, Core, and occasional morning push-ups, just to keep those muscle fibers alert and toned!

To start things off right, I joined Katie this morning for an early ride around the National Mall.  I snapped a few quick pictures while I waited, because sometimes DC is just irresistable to me…

Arlington, to my Right.

Lincoln, to my left.

We enjoyed a quick 15 mile ride around the monuments, attempting Haines Point (road blocks? what?!), and enjoying the cooler temperatures. Miles quickly tick when you have company, good conversation, and fun scenery!

In an interesting and timely news piece, CNN Health has something to say about Biking as well. I’ll let them do the talking, but lets just say this reinforces my drive to keep the legs moving on those non-running days!



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10 responses to “Using the Cross-Training Option

  1. Yeah, I usually use those days as xtraining and (try to) take one day a week fully off exercise. I tend to want to run 5 days a week, but my body does better if I only do 4 days.

  2. oh no! you waited! i’m sorry, i was taking pictures from the other side of the bridge – ha!
    and i almost got smeared by a car crossing the gw on the way home. i’m a mess.
    the early morning wasn’t bad, but i must admit – i snuggled back in bed with G for an hour or so when i got home. so lazy, that puppy, he just sucks me in.

  3. I’m obsessed with cross-training days, and truly believe (with my last two years of racing as evidence) that I’m a faster runner when I run three days, then swim a few. Looking forward to seeing if your experience is similar!

  4. Elizabeth

    I was always bad about the cross training, too. Rest was just much more appealing. But I suppose it’ll be worth it to try something different this time around.

  5. I am right there with you! I plan to do far more xtraining then I’ve ever done, I want to have a core of steel and stay proactive so I don’t have ITB issues again. We should do xtrain swaps sometime just for fun to mix it up!

  6. Road block on Hains Point? I’m supposed to do my long run through there tomorrow so I can enjoy my vacation without worrying about marathon training. Uh-oh.

  7. I’ve always been one to choose the “rest” option as well. I should really get out on my bike! (Gee, I sound like a broken record!)

    Great way to start your day. Keep it up, girl!

  8. Yay! We are SO on the same page with our training! Now if only we were running the SAME marathon 😉 Shucks!

  9. I hope to impliment p90x as some cross training on as i train for #3, #4, & #5! 🙂 love the mall pics!! 🙂

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