Attacking the Heat; Still Enjoying the Sunrise

Three Things Thursday: because by the end of the week, a post can never focus on just one thing!

1) The District of Columbia is having a passionate affair with hot summer temperatures this week! Someone forgot to inform DC that this makes for difficult Running-weather; I rationed my 9-oz handheld water bottle this morning for a long 6 miles. Let’s just say that 9 ounces didn’t even come close to what these muscles were demanding. What would normally be a “moderate” pace (with conversation) had my average HR at 180 and my sweat-glands throwing a pool party. Fun! Either way, I can only imagine what our 5:20 a.m. start time would feel like compared to those I saw running at 8 a.m. Be careful, DC-ers, stay hydrated today! 6 miles, ~54 minutes, done.

2) Yesterday’s workout was more pleasant, a 15 mile Sunrise Ride with Kate. While I will always put running first, watching those colorful clouds slowly rise over the Monuments as we zoom around along the river defines contentment. It’s impossible not to be at ease while you ride, talk to a friend, and experience a DC sunrise, all before 7 a.m. It’s fantastic. Next week I’ll provide more pictures – they’ll do these views more justice!

3) There were some great questions left on yesterday’s post! I’ll do a full recap of the IronGirl & Fitness Magazine webinar later today; they didn’t address all your inquiries, but my expertise will take a stab at finding you some answers!


To go crazy, and add to the list –

Good Luck, Seattle Marathoners!

Have fun at the Rock ‘n Roll fiestas and tackle those miles like you know how!



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7 responses to “Attacking the Heat; Still Enjoying the Sunrise

  1. the dry denver heat is ready for ya 😉

    it’s so crazy what a difference it makes! it’s going to be 93-ish here today but it’ll feel like 80 🙂 love that!

  2. It’s hot here in Boston too! I think its 90 today! I’ve been resorting to 5am runs or gym workouts.

  3. Um yeah last night was in the high 70s and I was dying. 90s…I can’t even imagine. Hang in there. Stay hydrated! Maybe dunk your top in cold water before you start?

  4. It’s like running with a little midget on your back in all this heat. The humidity kicks your tail. You stay cool out there rock star! Get it in as early as ya can.

  5. J

    It has been hot out here too! Can’t imagine running anytime but 5am!

  6. belh! its been so hot here too.. running has been slow but steady… getting out there is whats important.. how long it takes? meh! have a good weekend!

  7. LB

    Seattle Half Marathon success!! And perfect NW weather– 60 and cloudy! Now, if only I had trained…! Completed though and was followed with Mimosas, I know you agree with this one!

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