Tuesday’s Tempo Run Trial

Last week I reintroduced Speedwork to my weekly agenda; the intervals went well (800m), but my first love has always been the Tempo Run. We’ve always have fun together, we usually stay on pace, and the  Runner’s High that follows never fails to leave a grin on my face, despite the burn.

I set my sights on a successful Tempo Run (TR) this morning; let me admit, it is Not easy to wake up and go for speed. I start each TR with a slow warm-up mile; even though this was mostly down-hill, I maintained a nice ‘n easy 9:45 min/mile pace, and got a little worried about what would follow. I have a training plan starting next week, and my initial TRs aim for 8:00 minute miles. I thought this would be a good goal for today:

I finally heard that 1 mile alert from G (my Garmin); it’s time to pick it up! My legs had loftier goals on their mind:

7:46 – 7:23 – 7:30*

That last round wasn’t easy; I may or may not have been chanting random things in my head to pass the seconds until I heard G beep at me again. I made it! I went faster than I had anticipated, and I finally think my legs are back to their pre-marathon attitude**. I LOVE that feeling.

5.45 miles, 48:10, avg 8:50 pace (avg Tempo pace ~ 7:32)


*New to this TR: I used my Heart Rate monitor. My average Heart Rates for the tempo miles read as follows: 171, 191, 200. That gives you an idea of the exhaustion level towards the end, but I like knowing that I pushed it increasingly hard to get through each mile! It will be interesting to follow this as Speed workouts become a consistent fixture.

**I think this is largely due to the fact that I‘ve been running with my friend, Kate, much more often. It has been about one month since we started our early morning meet-ups; she is naturally faster than me, and we tend to push each other (sometimes without realizing it!) in a good way. Our runs are always filled with conversation, so while our legs are going, so are our mouths. Usually, it’s only after the run that I realize 1) we were moving quickly, and 2) I’m exhausted!


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9 responses to “Tuesday’s Tempo Run Trial

  1. You did great! Just wait, those tempos are going to be a lot quicker at the end of your cycle.

  2. Nice tempo run speedy!!!!

  3. NICE JOB!!!! 😀 WOOHOO!

  4. Elizabeth

    At this point, 9:45 *is* my tempo run. So…I’ll keep you at your easy pace, and you can push me – deal? 🙂

  5. Awesome run! I wish my heart rate got that high. I can never break a 170ish HR, even when I feel like I am going as hard as I can. I guess I just have a low rate.

    Keep up the good training girl. You’re doing awesome! 🙂

  6. J

    Great job on the speedy tempo run!! I have heard using a heart rate monitor can really help with training!

  7. wowza – nice speedy run, lady!!!!! woohoo!

  8. aaaaand you just beat my 5k pace in a tempo run. Hate you. 🙂 I’m thinking I need to get a HR monitor. It would definitely help me keep my easy runs slower I think. Training starts next week, eh? When are you going to make a race announcement?!?!? :p

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