Riding My Running Roots

Saturday morning found us in Pittsburgh visiting one of my best friends from college. With some time to spare before the troops were awake, I took D to the park where I ran my first half-marathon, two years ago. This time, we were on wheels, and had a longer distance in mind.

We started at the Boat House, where I had crossed the Finish line and was more than familiar with a 5-mile loop to take us around North Park. I’ve actually run this race twice, as I wanted to beat my First time one year later. 🙂

It was a successful mission! Being here only brought back Good running memories. I described this as the place that “got me hooked” on Long-distance running…

D checked out a map to familiarize himself, and ended up taking charge of the ride for Loop #2. Where did this take us? UP one Long Hill, and back down with a speed I had yet to encounter on a bike. This is where I’ll brag a little, as I passed him going up the hill and kept my momentum strong. 😉

Small victory! He caught up quickly, and coached me on keeping the pedaling rhythm so my pace didn’t slow and I could chug up the incline…

This is where I admit that going dowhill for at least a mile was a relief for the legs, but terrified my “What if I crash?!” thought-process. I wish I could say I’ve reached a confidence that allows me to just Coast and “enjoy” that 30 mph speed; I have not.  D, on the other hand, zoomed right down without fear –  I’m not there, yet, but at least I have someone to follow!

Loop #3 did Not involve that littler detour, as I’m not sure my legs would have agreed with it. We rounded out the ride with an even 16.5 miles, one hour later.

Here are two, tired and happy Cyclists:


Sans-helmet, and equally as glamorous as a Post-run shot, no? 🙂


On another note:

Stay tuned for a Give-away tonight in honor of the “Meatless Monday” trend!



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9 responses to “Riding My Running Roots

  1. I’ve been bike riding for years and I’m still not comfortable with ridiculous downhills (as a kid, I used to love them, now I know everything that can go wrong!). The one that scares me the most around here is this steep downhill that starts inside of Ft. Myer and then continues past the gates. I burn my brakes the whole way down 😦

    (That also happens to be the uphill I fear the most too…)

  2. Nice job roasting your man on the uphills! I am surprisingly comfortable with the speedy downhills – I thought I’d be white-knuckling for sure – but I think it’s my motorcycle roots.

    A gorgeous place to ride – and your pic is supercute!

  3. Sounds like a fun ride! Nice work on the uphills you beast.

  4. What a gorgeous day!! It’s so GREEN.

    Hubby and I priced out some bikes this weekend… the running itch was step 1, I think the biking itch is step 2.

  5. High five, another great accomplishment! I love the pictures too, so cute. Glad to see you venturing into another fun world of outdoor enjoyment.

    Keep it up!

  6. It must have been so nice to explore the old stomping grounds on wheels. Great post-ride pic!

  7. Elizabeth

    What a stunning post-ride photo! 🙂

    Also, I can completely see how that view/area got you hooked. I don’t know what I can credit, given my first half was the disastrous JJMFW one.

  8. Love the pics!!! Looks like a great weekend!!! 🙂

  9. girl, you’re going to fit right in here with all that cycling 🙂 sounds like a really fun weekend!

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