Meatless Monday: Veggie Wrap Lunch & Cookbook Giveaway!

Welcome to Meatless Monday!

What began as a nonprofit, public health initiative to decrease meat consumption for both environmental and health reasons, has now turned into a National movement. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health signed on and gave this idea momentum; seven years later you’ll find celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney and Chef Mario Batali supporting it, the California government suggesting it state-wide, and school lunch programs cutting out the beef once weekly.

(Sources: Washington Post, CNN Living)

You may have noticed that you do not see beef or chicken in my recipes as of late. I’ll be happy to answer questions about that decision; I do eat fish on occasion, but have recently omitted the meat and poultry from my diet. I still find it easy to fit in enough protein throughout the day, and am confident with this going into Marathon training for race #2 soon (announcement to come). To be honest, I feel much healthier and love seeing every variety of color and texture from various produce in my meals.

On that note, I bring my Meat-free lunch: Spinach, Mushrooms, melted Havarti Cheese, Carrots, Sunflowers Seed and  a Whole-Wheat Flour Tortilla…

To pack: combine spinach, carrot slices, mushrooms (sliced) and sunflower seeds, then top with one slice of Havarti cheese. Refrigerate until lunch! To eat: Heat in the microwave for 60 sec, dump onto your tortilla and wrap it up!

Protein: Cheese,  veggies
Carbs: Tortilla
Fat: Cheese, Sunflower Seeds

Enjoy that hot, melted cheese over “cooked” vegetables wrapped up in soft whole-wheat tortilla. Tasty!


Now, the reason you’re still reading this post all about meat-free Mondays – The Cookbook Giveaway!

About a year ago, during my Dietetic Internship, I was given a few Vegan cookbooks from the wonderful Dietitians at the Vegetarian Resource Group. At the time, I kept them on hand in the event that I would need to plan a menu for a Vegetarian/Vegan client. A few months ago, I browsed through the pages again for a some recipe inspirations and I got more creative with meat-less meals. Now, I’m passing some of them on to four of you!

I like to keep things simple – if you are interested in one of these books, leave a comment here and let me know! I’ll announce the winners on Friday, June 25th.

In your comment, answer me this: Do you eat vegetarian, flexitarian, pescetarian, or none of the above? Why? I’m certainly not here to judge, either way – just curious. The choice is yours, and it is definitely possible to eat healthy on any type of diet! 🙂



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24 responses to “Meatless Monday: Veggie Wrap Lunch & Cookbook Giveaway!

  1. Liz

    Those cookbooks look awesome! I define myself as a vegetarian, I suppose, but not a vegan. I don’t eat any meat but I do love dairy. It originally came about because meat started to make me feel sick, but I’ve stuck with it for both ethical and health reasons.

  2. Ilana

    Great recipe! I am a recent pescetarian and celebrating my 6 month anniversary in a couple of weeks. Living in Montreal on the East Coast, I visited the West Coast and was introduced to the glorious advantages of eating veggie. The moral implications of eating factory farmed meat are simply inexcusible and I have felt a lot better physically and spiritually since I’ve cut meat out of my diet.

  3. I’ve been pescetarian for about 16 years. I cut meat out when a) college cafeteria meat was gross and b) I had a lot of vegetarian/pescetarian friends. It just stuck. It didn’t stem from anything ethical but I have no desire to go back!

    I’d love to win a cookbook … though there’s probably a good chance I’d un-vegan the recipes with some cheese 🙂

  4. Hmm… My wrap sandwich at lunch was pretty similar, except instead of cheese I had hummus!

    I’m mostly vegetarian now. Food, Inc and Food Matters have made me rethink meat consumption. If I do eat meat I’m making sure it is from an ethical source!

  5. As you know, I’ve recently started on a pescatarian-type diet. Basically I no longer eat beef, pork or poultry and I will eat fish/seafood once a week or so. I have found that I have more energy than ever since starting this new diet because I eat SO MANY fruits and veggies! I also save a lot of money on groceries!

    I would love to win one of those cookbooks.

    Also, that wrap looks amazing. I must try that asap!

  6. Great giveaway, thanks!
    I would love to win Vegan Handbook! I am not totally vegetarian because I eat meat two or three times a month, but the vegetables, fruits and cereals are always on my table and I’m sure the book would help me to find new recipes to cook!

  7. Kim

    While I’m not a vegetarian or pescatarian, I recently resolved to follow Meatless Mondays. I also find myself eating other forms of protein – i.e. beans – to keep my meals healthy. I’d love to win one of the cookbooks, especially the cooking for one or two, because my husband isn’t on the Meatless Monday train.

  8. I don’t actually follow any of those ‘diets’ but it is definitely something I am interested in as I expand my horizons health-wise.

  9. I’m a vegan because I’ve found my body feels better without any animal products. Plus I strongly dislike the meat industry and all the hormones (and everything) that gets pumped into animals. Sometimes I cook meat for my family and other people but I’ll only prepare grass fed meat. And beans/lentils are so much cheaper 🙂

  10. Laura

    I’m none of the above though I’m exploring a chicken/beef free diet for many reasons. The environmental impact of eating meat is one as well as the fact that meat is expensive. I’m looking at more vegetarian recipes – I’m not ready for vegan – and don’t own a single vegetarian cookbook The internet is my friend. 🙂

  11. I guess I’d most specifically identify with flexitarian of the choices — right now I definitely eat too much meat to be any of that I think. BUT! I am significantly cutting down my red meat consumption in general. Still eating a lot of chicken at the time, but I’m wanting to decrease that as well… I want to mostly eat from plant sources and supplement with dairy products and eggs, regularly eat fish, and then sometimes other meats. That’s the ideal I’d like to go for and some days I definitely eat like that, but it’s not consistent yet. 🙂

  12. Lacey

    hey HEYyyYY veggie sistaaaaa 🙂 i actually have reverted back to my previous eating arrangements- fish on occasion, no dairy, the rest of the time basic vegetarian. have had some eggs back in my diet. no longer vegan! i failed to make an announcement about that mostly because it was gradual and not so important to me. but i think what is important is that you figure out your preferences and eat what is a healthy sustainable diet for you. when i stopped eating meat it was VERY gradual. i stopped eating beef first and then i stopped buying turkey and ever since i stopped eating those things i have grown to not WANT them, it’s odd. i have a thing with poultry … which i won’t go into b/c i don’t like to step on toes of other people’s eating preferences 🙂 but the gradualness of eating patterns, rather than just giving something up- to me- is more a reflection of your true preferences and what will be sustainable for each of us. what we choose first to buy and then to eat.

  13. Lacey

    oh! and YES! i’m interested in any of those cookbooks 🙂

  14. Elizabeth

    I love my meat, for sure (probably because I haven’t watched Food Inc, yet), but that wrap looks delicious.

  15. Jo

    I have recently eliminated meat and poultry from my diet too! So I would LOVE to have these cookbooks to give me some inspiration!

  16. The timeliness of this post is interesting – I’ve recently decided to start omitting meat from my diet. A slow process – I’m starting with all red meat (which I think makes me feel gross). I already don’t eat fish. I’m doing it partly because how eating meat makes me feel the next day, and partly because of a terrifying movie called “Earthlings” that I have not watched because the preview made my cry and want to go hug my dog. It opened my eyes to the treatment of animals, and I’ve also been trying hard to make sure that I’m buying meat (turkey, pork) from sources that treat animals humanely through the process. Honestly, the clip made me never want to eat meat again, but as with all changes in my diet, I think I’ll be more successful long-term if I make the changes gradually. I’d be interested in your reasons for giving it up!

    I would love the cookbook for one or two – that’s all I generally cook for!

  17. I am interested in learning more about veg. ways of eating and cooking. I am not a vegetarian, but rarely eat meat or pork. Mainly because of the fat and I don’t like the taste. Do eat fish, turkey, chicken. I am concerned about lacking protein without meat-y protein sources, so the books would be great!

  18. Your outlook is on par, I agree with so many of your thoughts.

    I am a flexitarian. Recently the textures of meat or chicken really get to me. I love vegetarian alternatives so it’s been easy to make up for what I don’t enjoy anymore!

  19. that is a wrap I must create ASAP! yummmmmy. I’d love to check out a new meatless cookbook.

    I’m definitely in the almost meatless category. When I cut meat out completely, I struggled w/eating at events and some restaurants b/c of the limited selections. I probably eat meat in small quantities twice a month, and only when faced with no other option. it works for me. 🙂

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  21. I guess I would consider myself a flexitarian, because I do eat me but personally enjoy eating vegetarian meals on a daily basis. I also think that those cook books look amazing and I would love to try one out!! 🙂

  22. heather c

    I’m none of the above, but my daughter seems to be going toward vegetarianism. It would be great to have some of these books around me us to use.

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