Three Things Thursday: Stroga, Sunrise Riding & NYAL

1) Last night I tried something new – Power Yoga. A new studio in DC offers “Strength Training + Yoga”, going by the name “Stroga”.What is “Power Yoga”?

…a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga…does not follow a set series of poses. Therefore, any power yoga class can vary widely from the next. What they do have in common is an emphasis on strength and flexbility. (Source)

Verdict: I really enjoyed the class! My only other “class” experience with Yoga is Bikram; needless to say this was very different. We had fans on; I didn’t need a towel; I didn’t suck down an entire bottle of water during the hour. Instead, we did a lot of downward dogs and my shoulders/triceps were burning, we focused on Core with plank after plank, and we did variations of Warrior 1 & 2, Runner’s Lunge, Pigeon, etc. I felt stretched and strengthened when we finally relaxed and took deep breathes at the end.

A few of us purchased a “Groupon”, and have 5 classes to use up before November.  There is no doubt that I’ll have any issues using it up in the next few weeks! Round 2 will be soon.

2) Less than 12 hours later, my legs were waking up for an early  bike ride. With D riding next to me, I learn so much about cycling. He teaches me how to use those crazy go-fast gears, rather than just play with them. He teaches me how to ride on the street without completely freaking out (but believe you me, I was questioning my sanity for every second). He teaches me how to turn by leaning into the curve, instead of moving my wheel (and moving my inside-foot up! So I don’t catch the pedal and crash…ouch).

I teach him how to ignore the fact that an alarm went off at 4:45 a.m., and instead soak in the fact that we’re watching the Sunrise over the Washington Monument and the Potomac River, while we ride. I feel lucky.

16 miles, 65 minutes = Good Morning, Thursday!

3) For a Not-Your-Average-Lunch (NYAL) Round 3, I have a Kale-recipe-success! I suppose calling this a Kale-recipe is a little generous, but it was tasty nonetheless.  Since my blackberry (i.e. workday food-photographer) is acting up for the time being, I have no pictures to report. Please believe me when I say that this one actually looked and tasted good!

1 whole wheat pita
1/3 cup Marinara saurce
1/2 svg Tempeh
~1 cup Kale leaves

Crumble up the tempeh into small pieces, stir into the marinara sauce and add the Kale leaves. Heat this mixture for ~90 seconds, and stuff into your pita. Voila! Tempeh Marinara & Kale-stuffed Pita! Delicious.


Happy Thursday!





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8 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Stroga, Sunrise Riding & NYAL

  1. Any kind of kale success gets to be called a recipe! And by the way, I had kale-chip success! (!!) Details to follow, but I think tearing the leaves into tiny pieces and using cooking spray really helped.

    Also, I’ve got another challenge for you: chia seeds. Aaaannd … go!

  2. Awesome having your very own cycling guru … and partner for sunrise rides!

    I like the sound of that yoga class. Stretching, strength and relaxation – what a great combo!

  3. Happy Thursday indeed! That sounds like my kind of yoga class. They have names for everything.

    That bike ride sounds amazing, how beautiful. I need D to come show me some tricks, riding in the rode can definitely be intimidating.

  4. Power yoga sounds like a blast. I’m also dying to try hot yoga as well!

    Great ride and a great lunch!

    All in all, what a great Thursday! 🙂

  5. I LOVE power yoga/flow yoga so much more than Bikram. Something about the downward dog, warrior poses that I really enjoy! Glad you liked it. And yoga can be a CRAZY-GOOD arm workout, hey!!?

  6. Lacey

    hello!!!! it’s been too long 🙂 i’m baaaaAAckk 🙂 jk jk. but really, here i am. lol. love hearing about your morning rides as usual 🙂 and go kale! i bought some the other day and have been adding it to my smoothies. powerhouse.

  7. the only yoga I’ve done in a class setting is power yoga. My arms hurt for days after I swear we did chatarungas for 60 minutes (or so it felt like…).

  8. I’m so jealous of your sunrise ride! it sounds fabulous! 🙂 sounds like a great thursday!

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