Calling for Kale

Recently, I had a few requests for “tasty” and healthy recipes using Kale. As this vegetable has popped up recently in various forms across the food blogs (chips, steamed, baked), I’ll admit I had been curious, too. The first step was to find, and purchase. It was surprisingly cheap, and quite large.

When D saw the evidence, this was his response: …Why is there a small Tree in the fridge?

His perception was pretty accurate…

I attempted a recipe I found for Kale Chips, from Small Bites. I altered things a little bit, and came up with this:

1 bunch Kale (wash, rinse, remove stems)
Garlic Powder, Rosemary
1/2 Lemon (squeezed for juice)
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Squeeze lemon juice into a large bowl, add oil and seasonings. Toss Kale leaves until coated, and place on a baking sheet. Bake at 350* for 15-20 minutes.

I had high hopes – and these did not  meet those expectations. Sad! Something about the texture of the “chips” didn’t feel/taste right, I was unimpressed.

Luckily, I saved enough FRESH Kale to use in another recipe for dinner that night (returning to a favorite creation of mine)-

Baked Tofupea balls on Pasta and Kale

In the Tofupea Ball Mix:
2 svgs Chickpeas (1 cup)
1 svg Extra-firm Tofu, raw
Purple onion slices
1 1/2 tbsp Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
Salt, Garlic Powder, Oregano, Ground Red Pepper

Place ALL ingredients in a Food Processor and pulse until well-mixed. In a large bowl, add 1 tbsp Oil and toss mix until coated. Sprinkle with flour and form into 6 “balls”. Bake at 350* for ~18-20 minutes, until crisp on the outside.

1 svg Quinoa pasta (could substitute any Noodle of choice)
1 cup fresh Kale leaves
3 Tofupea balls
1/4 cup Marinara sauce
Grated Parmesan Cheese

This recipe was Much more successful! I love the combination of crunchy, fresh greens with soft cooked pasta and thick marinara sauce. Top with the crisp, warm tofupea balls and voila – A vegetarian-friendly, “green”, pasta bowl!


What is your favorite Kale recipe??

I’ll be purchasing this tree again and trying to get more creative. In the meantime, I’d like to know how You like your leaves!



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10 responses to “Calling for Kale

  1. In some weird, fateful twist, I got kale in my CSA this week—and am planning to try kale chips (though maybe not many of them!) tonight! I’m following this recipe, which looks to be about the same as yours:

    It does say to tear the leaves into little, chip-like chunks … I’ll let you know how it goes! Otherwise, the only way I *truly* enjoy kale is to steam it, THEN saute it, THEN put it in soup. 😦

  2. I am so intrigued by your tofu balls … need to try these soon! I always forget to visit the tofu section of the grocery store since it’s not in my regular rotation.

  3. Becky

    I’m a big fan of kale in soups as well. I like carrots, kale, and potato all together.

  4. I am sad to say, I’ve never used kale. Please don’t think less of me. I have heard so much about it, from chip recipes to salads and pastas. I promise I’ll try! Yours look dynamite!

  5. Elizabeth

    The tofupea balls actually look delicious. Which is something I never thought I’d say.

  6. Kind of funny, but I’m glad the kale chips weren’t actually good. Every time a blogger says they’re so yummy I think “yuck. really?” Makes more sense to heat them up and sneak them into a pasta dish. Anywho, good work on the tofupea balls. Perhaps I should get a FP.

  7. ha ha ha… i feel so stupid buuutttttt what is kale? this midwestern chick has apparently never eaten!

  8. Ok, this is going to sound very STRANGE but trust me – it’s delicious.

    It’s from a cookbook called.. .Cancer-Fighting Recipes… or something like that.

    Kale and Sweet Potatoes! 🙂

    You heat some olive oil and then add fresh minced ginger until it’s golden and fragrant. Then you add chopped up sweet potatoes (smallish dice) and cinnamon – things start smelling REALLY christmas-y around this point. You cook that until the potatoes start getting kinda tender, then you add a bunch of torn up kale leaves until those start getting wilted and darker green and then stir in some maple syrup – just a tad!

    add some sea salt to taste and while you’re cooking the main group, toast some chopped pecans.

    Top with the toasted pecans and it is SO FREAKING GOOD.

    I was very skeptical about the greens in with something with such a sweet mojo, but the texture is really nice together and the flavor of kale in this was very mild. Talk about a nutritional PUNCH as well! 😀 hehe.

  9. Kale still scares me but those baked tofu balls over kale and pasta looks so yummy. Maybe I’ll attempt some kale this weekend!

    Happy Thursday 🙂

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