Run, Bike, Eat, Repeat

Throw sleep into that equation and it just about sums up my weekend!

The cycle started with a bike ride down to my race on Saturday morning – a 2 mile “warm up” on the Rock Creek Park trails with D and the bici:

Please ignore the awkward shoulder-shrug and still-waking-up smile. 🙂

Lawyer’s Have Heart 10K Race Report:

While the distance posed no threat or challenge, I had no idea what to expect from my legs. I haven’t done any speedwork since before the marathon; I haven’t run consistent sub-8 miles in at least two months. I certainly wasn’t expecting a PR, and since my muscles carried me through a hilly 13.1 just 6 days ago, there was no telling what they would do today.

With the only incline right at the beginning of this out-and-back course, I started cautiously. Or, so I thought…

miles 1 – 6- 8:05, 7:46, 7:42,7:42, 7:49, 7:45

Hello, “7”s! It is so good to see you again.

I took about 5 seconds to grab water twice, attempting to satisfy that summer-running thirst. It’s a beast! The water stop at mile 2/4 had sponges soaked in ice-water – the word brilliant doesn’t do that concept justice. I grabbed one at mile 4 and it felt amazing!

At mile 5, I knew a PR was within reach, but unlikely (in the end, missed it by 20 seconds). I was getting exhausted and suddenly the shade we were blessed with for miles 2-5 was gone. Hello, SUN! Oh, its 90* today? Ouch.

What felt like a “sprint” finish is not reflected by the pace G is showing me; either I was more tired than I thought (thus, 9:08 felt like a “sprint”), or … G has some explaining to do.

I definitely pushed it hard for the last mile, it was getting difficult to keep that pace, but I loved the burn.

In the moment, it begins to seem impossible. When you cross the finish line knowing you left it all out there, it seems completely worth it.

6.2 miles, 48:41 , avg 7:51 pace

Gender: 127 / 1564
AG (20-24): 59 / 706

Official Clock Time:  48:41 (
good job, G! Right on)


We spent the afternoon in Arlington watching a Pro Bike Race – The Air Force Cycling Classic.

The race was a 1 km lap, 100 times. I can’t begin to imagine how boring that would be to me. According to D, this type of race is called a “Criterium”, and when you’re on the bike, there are too many things to think about besides the fact that you’re doing the same loop 100 times. I’ll take his word for it! It was insane to watch these guys zoom past us minute after minute (yes, it only took them about 80 seconds to do a lap. Crazy FAST!)…


Racers! Wow.

It would take a slew of posts to explain how different this type of event is from any sort of Running race. Let’s just say I learned a LOT, and I think it’s awesome that our city hosts something like this. Watching Elite athletes, right in front of you, is certainly not the norm. 🙂


This morning I met Anne for another 6 mile run, but this one was completely different! No racing, no time-goal, no road.

Check out her post for some gorgeous pictures of the scenery we enjoyed, and some side-tracks we took along our route. We took it easy with some 9-minute miles, a few “trail” breaks for photo stops / exploring / figuring out where people go to Kayak? You never know what you’ll see out there, it definitely kept things interesting! It was a fun start to my morning, but I had another date on the agenda…

D is coming back from a tend0n-injury, and finally able to do some bike riding with me. I’ve been so excited to start going out for weekend rides with him – we started today, with an hour on Beach Drive. I still have a Lot to learn about this bike stuff, it’s fun to have him with me to do some teaching, talking, pace-pushing, and coasting. Then he had us end on a hill and I may or may not have cursed that incline.

11.5 miles, 52 minutes


I now have two exhausted legs, one movie and one couch calling my name. 🙂



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14 responses to “Run, Bike, Eat, Repeat

  1. Whew – you had quite the weekend! Good for you! I did a run + bike yesterday and a run + bikram today and now I am ready for BED. At 1:00 PM. Haha!

  2. Haha most active weekend ever! Enjoy your movie + couch 🙂 Wish I didn’t have homework and could do that, too!

  3. Woo! That’s quite a pace lady! Way to go! It was def hot yesterday morning! I was thinking of the racers while I was contemplating heading to Jack’s under Key Bridge to Kayak. Congrats 🙂

  4. Wow, what a weekend! Congrats on finishing the 10K strong, despite the sweltering heat! I talked to a few friends who live in DC today, and they said it was pretty sticky there!

    I love the pics of Arlington! I used to live right near the Courthouse metro and definitely miss it!

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Liz

    I’m tired just reading about your weekend! I love that you take advantage of your non-work hours to get so much activity in.

  6. CONGRATS on the awesome 10K. You def. found some speed out there!!

    It must have been CRAZY watching that 100-lap bike race. Neat event and cute pic of you and D!

  7. Woohooooooooo, PR!!! Nice job, lady!

    Cute pic of you & your man! And some great pics of you and your bici!! 🙂

  8. FIST PUMP!! Look at you GO! Your times are amazing. Keep at it, I too have a lot to learn. Hills hurt but I keep telling my bu** and legs it’s good for them, haa.

  9. J

    Great job on the 10k! You rocked it! That bike race looks like fun to watch! We have one of those here in my city every summer and they go so fast on those turns!

  10. Elizabeth

    You always look so happy when you’re with Bici. It must be love.

  11. I think G was messing with us, but you are so right about how the HEAT and SUN after Mile 5ish. According to my G, I ran 8:01, 8:10, 8:02, 7:49, 7:50, 7:54, 8:02 for the first 6 miles. THEN my finishing sprint? 9:44.


    I mean I didn’t have much left, but It MUST have been the Whitehurst Freeway screwing up G’s signal.

  12. great job on the 10k. I would be stoked w/that time if I had trained for 2 months to accomplish it, let alone on tired legs w/o much speedwork. and yay for fun running buddies. 🙂

  13. sounds like u rocked it this past weekend lady!! 🙂 you got lots of exercise in! love all the pics… especially on that new bike! 🙂

  14. What a speedy pace for a steamy day! Nice job!

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