Race Photos, and Race #22 – A self-created Duathlon

Earlier today, I raved about my recently acquired cycling knowledge (and the necessities for riding!). Tomorrow, I’ve apparently entered myself into a Duathlon

Let me explain. 

I’m registered to run the Lawyers Have Heart 10K, for the second year in a row. The first round was nothing near a PR; in fact it was one of the most humid races to date (then I decided to run in Annapolis at the end of August. Brilliant, that is me), and I had come off of a week of traveling for a family funeral. Great recipe for success, no?! Well, it ended up being a fun experience because we had an amazing brunch in Dupont immediately following, as per tradition. Anyway! In a sense, I enrolled again for some sort of redemption? Or just to add to my list – which is creeping closer to race #24! 

 We’ll talk about that later. 

In addition to what will feel like a “quick” race (compared to Sunday’s 13.1), D and I have decided to ride our bikes there and back! It’s a mere 2 mile ride from House-t0-Waterfront (Georgetown), so it seemed like the obvious thing to do. Then, someone pointed out that something of a “Duathlon“. And, I thought, Hey! That’s a first. So, tomorrow will be my first UNOFFICIAL Duathlon, and maybe one of these days I’ll actually do the real thing (any tips, Sassy? 🙂 ). 

I’ll be back over the weekend with a recap! If anyone else is doing this run, let me know!  


On a somewhat related note, the Official race photos from Sunday’s 1/2-marathon are in! Anne posted hers earlier, and I decided I’d jump in on the action. I’m not quite as race-photogenic ( 😉 ), but I did get some shots that could be filed under “somewhat decent” this time around! In other words, they don’t all scream “It was 90 degrees out there!!” or “I’m EXHAUSTED, please remove the camera, thankyouverymuch”…. 

Almost done, ALMOST done...


Get OFF the bridge, Sun - make room for the runners!


Might be a new "fave". Thanks, photog, nice work!




Happy weekending! Good luck to any other racers!



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6 responses to “Race Photos, and Race #22 – A self-created Duathlon

  1. great race pics. I love the 3rd one as well. 😀

  2. I also really like the second to last picture. You not only look happy to be running, but you also looked strong and determined!! I really hope you purchase the picture and put it up somewhere in your house!! 🙂

  3. You look great! Esp in the second to last one, but nothing beats crossing the finish line 🙂

  4. Ooh, fun. I would just say pedal in a very easy gear on the way to the race. It’s crazy how cycling 5.5 miles home before running group will make my legs pretty tired for the run. Have fun! Yes, the last race photo is very happy looking.

  5. An unofficial duathlon… awesome!!! That should make for a nice little warm-up/cool-down on those racing legs.

    Nice photos from the last one… definitely agree on the new fave! Maybe purchase-worthy??

  6. We need to work on your flying through the finish photos 😉

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