Over the Hump? Tackle the Hills

There are definitely more weeks than not when Wednesday’s “hump” seemingly drags on. After finally updating my Runner’s World log last night, I realized two things: (1) I hit a weekly mileage PR last week, unintentionally and unconsciously*, and (2) last month was one big hump.  While I let my thoughts run with me this morning, I realized I’ve climbed over a few other humps lately:

Hump #1: Post-marathon blues. The month of May wasn’t easy for me; a Marathon at the end of March plus two 10-mile races two weeks apart in April left little time for recovery. It also left little motivation to move forward; with those two 10-milers behind me, I had no further direction. With a new bike beaming at me, I had a few distractions. With summer temperatures climbing up quickly, I had too many excuses to stay in.

Hill, tackled: On a whim, sign up for a half-marathon that’s only two weeks out! Why not? Anne would be there, I haven’t seen Annapolis in a long time, and I had not challenged myself recently. 13.1 miles – CHECK.

Hump #2: Easy run after easy run. As I began to ease back into things, I chose to set my alarms earlier and earlier so I could avoid the summer heat and start my day with a workout. The problems with this plan? My warmups are slower because I’m still waking up. As I updated my RW log, I realized that most runs were either “Easy” or, “Hills” (if the route was hilly, not because I did repeats). My pace has definitely slowed down since the Marathon; I’ve finally gotten back in a groove with my running; it’s time to start pushing it!

Hill, tackled: Calvert, literally. If you are in DC, and you’re familiar with Rock Creek, you know Calvert Hill. It is ~0.15 miles Up, and it is not easy. This morning’s run was meant to be short (I’m meeting the group tonight for another run), but that doesn’t mean I have to put “easy” in the books, again! Instead, I’ll put Hill-repeats.

My workout: 3 mile “warm-up” + 4 x hill repeats (1:17, 1:18, 1:18, 1:10)
After each time I ran up, I walked down to let my HR recover.
Max HR on repeats: 195, Avg Workout HR: 165

Hump #3: ST30, fail. I’m here to be 100% honest with you, Challengers. After I fell off the wagon last week, I never really got “back on”. I’ve done a few things here & there – core, pushups, etc – but there have been many days skipped. With a blog, comes accountability! Tomorrow will be day 30, but I’ve decided this is an ongoing challenge, and an ongoing battle! Maybe every day is too much? We’ll see where it goes from here. What are your thoughts on ST30? How did YOU do?

Hill, tackled: Pushups! I wanted to see how many I could do without stopping. At one point, that record was 28. Today, it was 15. Clearly it’s time to start working my way back up…

*My weekly mileage was 37.5. The last time I did this was the Marathon week.


Conclusion? I’m over the humps, and ready for more hills.



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10 responses to “Over the Hump? Tackle the Hills

  1. My abs *feel like it’s day 30 but look like it’s day 0. I think I did okay! I have two “complete” rest days on the books, but thank you for this great challenge – I dread ab work because I don’t like having a headache and wanting to throw up, so it was good for me to do this. 🙂

    And you’ll get back on that wagon. Great hill workout – I know that hill well, and it’s a tough cookie!!

  2. That is seriously impressive. I love how you just signed up for a 1/2, no biggie:) That’s awesome! There will be peaks and valleys, but keep at it! Best of luck tackling more humps and hills.

  3. Elizabeth

    Running, itself, has been kind of a hump for me, so I’m not forcing it, and am sometimes replacing it with some other cardio. Which made it even better when I ran outside last night because I *really wanted to.*

  4. CONGRATS on that weekly mileage PR sneaking up on you. Glad you’ve found your way over the hump. All good things!

  5. What’s the “Calvert hill”? Do you mean the one going up to Woodley Park? Or is it further up in the park?

  6. I like the way you set up this post. Great job getting out of the post marathon blues by signing up for a half! I definitely feel like my running has slowed down and you’ve inspired me to challenge myself with some speed. I need to get back into pushups too! I worked so hard over the winter to work my way up, and now I lost it all in a matter of a few months!

  7. way to go girl!!! 🙂 sounds like you are getting over more and more humps!!! keep up the great work! i need to challenge myself and seriously stick to it!!

  8. Liz

    I hate that hill. Cringing just thinking about it!

  9. Nice post! I didn’t read yours before posting mine today, but I gave you a shout out regarding the ST30 challenge. I’ve been doing my push ups daily and trying to do a few extra things here and there when I have time/remember. Once marathon training begins, I want to be more religious about pumping iron in the gym.

  10. Chiming in on ST30 … oh yeah, I fell off the wagon last weekend! After Saturday’s run, I went to a food/wine fest and pretty much lost the rest of my day 🙂

    On Sunday I didn’t only volunteer at Zooma for 6 or so hours, I also walked ~3 miles to and from town, plus went grocery shopping. By the time I could relax I had been on my feet for 12 hours (minus an hour at brunch). No more workouts for me!

    I have learned the art of morning workouts, though. Every single day this week I’ve gotten up 30 minutes earlier to do a Wii workout. I plan to continue the a.m. routine, but will likely mix it up a bit more. I think I need more hip strengthening / stretching to try to fix my achy knees!

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