Starting My Day with the DC Sunrise

Between two races this week (Sunday 1/2 marathon, done! Saturday 10K, coming up!), my logic tells me it may not be smart to run 4 out of the 5 days in between. My logic also tells me that it was a great idea to finally get new running shoes. They feel amazing! Only when you lace up new kicks and notice that extra pep in your step, do you realize how worn down those old ones had become. Ouch.

Sidenote: I run with Nike Pegasus 26 shoes. They came out with a new model, but I did some serious searching and tracked down a pair of the “old” model in my size – 20% off because they’re trying to get rid of them. Win-win!

I digress. Today I decided to give the legs a running-break, but I was still craving my morning sweat. So,  I took the new running kicks out…for a bike ride.

The Blackberry can only do so much justice – can you see that pink, morning sky poking through?

I was in awe. I stopped to take this on my way back over the Memorial bridge; breathtaking, DC, you’ve outdone yourself. Yes, that is the Lincoln Memorial in the background. If I hadn’t been so into the whole “workout” thing, I would have stopped 50 times to take more pictures of the sunrise: behind the Washington Monument, reflecting on the Potomac River, grasping each side of the Capitol. I’m now convinced there is no better time to ride – 5:00-6:15 a.m. That’s your window of opportunity.

Now, what’s missing during a morning-ride? TRAFFIC. The streets are empty while the commuters get in their last hour of sleep, and the few of us lucky enough to be out there enjoy the quiet of the roads. Perfection.

15 miles in 65 minutes. Hello, Wednesday. Now I’m ready for you.




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10 responses to “Starting My Day with the DC Sunrise

  1. Elizabeth

    “5:00-6:15 a.m. That’s your window of opportunity.”

    That’s the window, huh? Too bad I’m going to miss it

  2. That looks BEAUTIFUL! I’ve got to get my bike and butt out there some am! It’s turned out to be a weird weather day here, but that morning sky looked great 🙂

  3. Lacey

    sooo beautiful! glad you grabbed the photo 🙂 you live in a truly beautiful place and it’s really great to read your appreciation.. i feel the love. the happiness 🙂

    but ahhh 5am is so early. i feel early at 6am 🙂 i love the feeling of starting the day “ready” though 🙂 i’ll be biking soon… hopefully! 🙂

  4. now THAT is how to start the day!

  5. J

    I was just reading my RW last night and the Rave Run this month is running in Washington, DC! It must be so nice to live there! Spring/summer really is the best time to get out at 5am and run so you can watch the sunrise!

  6. Ahh this post is making me so nostalgic for college (I went to UMD but spent so much time in DC…I miss it so so much). My brother is moving down there in the Fall…when I go to visit maybe we can plan a meet up/run! I wasn’t a runner in college, but I’d love to explore the city on foot now.

    And I just bought new sneakers, too! I’ve bought the same Aisics three times and the price keeps going down because they’re ‘”old.” But they work for me, so why mess with a good thing, right?? Mine were 20% off too and are arriving today 🙂

  7. Every time I run the Monuments at sunset or sunrise, I just think WOW, I LOVE DC!

    It’s such a gorgeous place, I mean, could you ever get tired of that view? No. I really don’t thinks son!

  8. The last time I was in DC I went out for an early morning run on the Mall, with my camera. Got some great shots of the monuments and the sunrise. I agree. It’s a perfect time of day to take it all in.

  9. Yes, my early morning bike ride a few weeks ago was so perfect. Quiet and beautiful. Love it!

  10. gorgy pic!! so jealous!

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