Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon Survival

After hanging out with Ultramarathoners all day Saturday, a “half” seemed attainable, to say the least. It’s all about your perspective, right? Combine that with my brain knowing it could push through a marathon, and I felt mentally ready to tackle 13.1 miles again. Conclusion: I Survived!


D & I drove up the morning of, meaning it was another 4 a.m. wake up call. We got there with plenty of time to spare, and eventually met up with Anne and Ashley. All three of us were ready to RUN:

Water bottles, Camelback, race bibs and big smiles -check!

I signed up for this race a mere two weeks ago; needless to say, I had not “trained”. In fact, the longest distance I’ve done in two months was a 10-mile race at the end of April. My attitude – take it slow, remember there are HILLS, and drink lots of Water!

For whatever reason, G (aka my Garmin) decided it was an “off” day and stopped recording splits or HR around mile 4. AWESOME, right? Up until that point, I had seen “8:54, 8:29, 8:40-something” with my HR staying under “180”. When I looked down to see a blank screen, I took it as a sign that I needed to relax and just Run.

Since I can’t break down the 13 miles with splits, we’re taking a different race-report perspective this time:

Ran with: my 9-oz water bottle, stopping at most of the stops, too! I drank half of each cup, and poured the other half on my head – so refreshing! My Garmin + HR monitor, but apparently G had another agenda (i.e. not working).  My marathon-shoes and inserts; let’s just say it is beyond time to get some new kicks, and my knees were happy to remind me of that all day yesterday. My health-insurance card; you never know what can happen out there, and if nothing else it’s a form of ID and good to have with you!

Ran without: my Ipod! I had it tucked in my pocket, but I’m happy to say I chose go silent for this one! The sports drink they provided: this race was sponsored by “Ultima” – some sort of electrolyte mix? Whatever it was, it tasted awful. After a test at mile 6-ish, I had to spit it out and run cautiously. A training plan: not advised, but I took it on with caution and a positive mentality!

Wanted: cold, refreshing, summer fruit! I had random cravings throughout the race: I would’ve done anything for a slice of watermelon or a handful of juicy grapes. Had: honey packets. After struggling to open one around mile 8, I gave up and just waited for a post-race food-table raid.

Loved: the motivation from Spectators, volunteers, fellow-runners, and the race-atomsphere. Also, the perspective that comes with knowing what your body is capable of: you survived 26.2 miles, you can survive this crazy-bridge-hill twice – no walking! Hated: the fact that the “race” side of the road always seemed sunny, while the other side was basking in the shade. Ouch.

Expected: to run this slowly, need to walk a few times, need my music for an extra pep-in-my-step, and to finish after 2 hours. Actually: ran faster than I planned, only walked through the water stops (and once at the end, up a small hill), and finished just under 2 hours!

Major Congrats to Anne – her first 1/2m, definitely not an easy one,
and she’s still alive! 😉

13.1 miles, 1:57:03 (1:57:00, Garmin time), avg 8:51 m/m

I immediately ate half a bagel and a banana, and quickly downed two bottles of water. Then, we hit the expo.

My favorite supporter/spectator/photographer –
out there, with me, yet again!

After browsing the race expo, having a small glass of Champagne with Amy (Congrats on your 10K!), and changing into some clean and dry clothes, we headed to brunch.

Destination: Federal House. This is one of my favorite downtown Annapolis restaurants. I saw “Breakfast Bruchette” on the menu and immediately said “Yes, we’re going here.” YUM!

Flatbread topped with diced tomatoes & fresh basil, eggs, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Fresh summer fruit on the side (satisfy that craving!) instead of the greasy potatoes. This was delicious.

Another post-race treat? Frozen Yogurt. On a hot summer day, after a ridiculously hot, humid run, nothing will taste more amazing than a cold bowl of froyo & fruit.

Oreo froyo + Fresh Strawberries.

Post-race eats IN, time to relax. I spent the rest of the afternoon rehydrating, sleeping, and basking in that wonderful post-run glory.


If any of you raced yesterday, Congrats on surviving the elements!



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18 responses to “Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon Survival

  1. Hardest. Race. EVER.

    We rock!!! Looking forward to running a much cooler race with you in the future 🙂

  2. CONGRATS on pushing through! Sounds like a tough day out there and still an awesome sub-2 finish. DROOLING over the post-run eats.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hm…you know what I don’t see on that brunch menu? The oyster shooters from the last Annapolis race! I know how much you loved them…

  4. what a fun (but sweaty) weekend!!! I was thinking of you guys yesterday – walking around the winery, I was sweating like crazy – I couldn’t imagine racing in that weather. And then to wake up today…mean, miss mother nature, mean!

  5. Awesome race. Don’t you hate when the G stops working? Ugh. And I’m not a fan of Ultima either. Blech.

  6. only you would run that great of a HM w/o training for it. :p I’d probably hate you if I didn’t like you so much. Is the garmin working now? That would make me SO MAD! Makes you realize how reliant you are on the darn thing (and I’m 100% guilty too).

  7. J

    Great job on the race and finishing in such a great time!! That froyo looks so good!!

  8. FANTASTIC!!! GOOD FOR YOU! How fun:) Zooma races are a treat, I hit up the one here in ATL.

    I cannot, repeat cannot, get enough frozen yogurt in my life.

  9. Congratulations, Heather! And I already thought you were cool for being out on your feet in the heat all day helping us on Saturday! I had no idea you were running a half the next day! And so weird that it was with Anne, another blogger I’ve met in person.

    Congrats again, and thanks again for your help on Saturday.

  10. That was a fabulous, fabulous time given the conditions—a few seasoned marathoners I know walked some sections of it, so I consider anyone who crossed the finish line, in ANY time, a rock star! I totally agree re: the bridge, and “the fact that the “race” side of the road always seemed sunny, while the other side was basking in the shade” (what WAS that?!).

    Congrats again on a great race—it was great to be able to celebrate with you after!

  11. Congrats on your first half!!

    I ran my first 10k without an ipod and next to my hubby–it was the best decision of the day 🙂

  12. Great job out there girls!!! Loved the layout for the race recap too! Congrats on finishing another Half! But more importantly… when’s the next full? 😉

  13. Girl, you rocked this race! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been with all of the elements working against you, and through it all you prevailed and did amazing! 🙂

    Congrats girl!!!

  14. craziest race day EVER!!! it was roughhhhh!!! amazing job though! those strawberries look FABULOUS!!! so jealous!!!

  15. Congrats girl! Pretty awesome time for not training : )
    No iPod or Garmin? That must have actually felt kind of refreshing to be so unplugged

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