Three Things Thursday: Hills, ST30 & Agave

1) After a little break yesterday (did you “celebrate” National Running Day”?), it actually felt great to be back up at 5:00 a.m. this morning for my new-usual workout. I met two gals at Dupont Circle, and we took the Zoo route backwards. While it’s a hilly route any way you take, going down through the Zoo is always easier. We took the Rock Creek trail back to Calvert Hill – a climb I haven’t tackled in months. My glutes are already reminding me of that! 5.25 miles, 45 minutes, 2 climbs, 1 good morning run.

2) ST30 Update! I have a confession: I fell off the wagon. I know, I know. This isn’t something I’m proud to admit, but we’re all about honesty here at DOTR. From Thursday – Tuesday, I completely spaced a “ST” workout. I may have squeezed in a “normal” workout (e.g. run, bike), but my arms/abs/quads/glutes had an unintentional break.

It’s not too late to get back on; Tuesday I did my Core workout (hello again, abs), Wednesday I did squats, and this morning I did pushups. We have 8 days to go! How is your Challenge going?

3) Agave is the new pink! Or, something else that’s been trendy. I LOVE this sweetener; it has been gracing the top of my oats every morning for the past two weeks. I recently read an article about it, and want to focus on that tomorrow for Friday’s Food Focus. Before I get into it, I’m seeking your input – Do you use Agave? Do you prefer Agave over Honey?


On a completely unrelated note – I was part of a “Tweet Up” last night, and we had a great time!

From the Left: @ultrarunnergirl, @thisamazingday, Katie, @lizard151, @DCRunnergrrl, Me (aka @heatherdcRD), and down below: @BeeZales.

We had a great dinner at Busboys & Poets – if you’d like to be included in Round 2, send me an email! πŸ™‚
p.s. go ahead and excuse the picture quality, a la Blackberry.



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13 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Hills, ST30 & Agave

  1. What FUN with the “tweet-up”!

    Great job on your morning run. I wish I could just run through the zoo whenever I feel like it!

  2. Liz

    1 – that hill is KILLER. I refuse to bike up that way to be honest.
    2 – I am also off the wagon, but I promise to try to do something tonight.
    3 – I bought agave a few months ago. I don’t use it all that often, but sometimes in smoothies when the fruit I’m using is not that sweet. I prefer it to honey but I don’t know why.
    4 – Love busboys & poets and meeting fellow runners, count me in next time πŸ™‚

  3. What a good-looking bunch of runnersβ€”and what a delish dinner! I’m looking forward to the agave post, as I’m totally curious about this sweetener.

    ST30: I spent two weeks celebrating my birthday, going to weddings and traveling. I did one “kick my own butt” workout in a guilty haze. I am still sore from this. πŸ™‚

  4. Following some of the DC twitter activity led me to your fantastic site! I just started at Pilates for the core, yes abs need love to. Suppose to be gangbusters for runners:)

    I’ve had an Agave cocktail. I am not there yet with it is a sweetener, but I have heard a lot of buzz around that nectar lately.

    That Tweet Up really looks like so much fun! Great idea:)

  5. I love our zombie eyes! In my pics, we’re all dreamy and very out of focus!

    My abs say…when is this challenge over?

    It was great to meet you yesterday – sorry we didn’t get to chat more – and I still owe you martinis!

  6. I wish I was a runner when I lived in DC!

    I’ve been pretty good keeping up with my Wii workouts. I’m more than halfway done with the game’s 30-day challenge. I’ve actually gotten up early the past two mornings to squeeze it in before work and it’s been great!

    I think the only day I’ve missed completely (in the last couple weeks, anyway) is Sunday. I went to a boot camp workout Saturday, and woke up pretty sore Sunday morning. I went on a 15-mile bike ride anyway, but that was all my body could handle!

  7. looks like such a fun tweet up!!!!

  8. I just bought my first bottle of agave last week and LOVE it! Looking forward to reading more tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  9. Love the dress you’re wearing in that pic! I’ve been sticking to my strength, even if it is just a few sets of push ups in the morning. But also some of these exercises have been incorporated lately…

  10. I just found your blog and love it! I was wondering where all the DC bloggers were hiding. We must be nearly neighbors…our running routes and hangout spots are quite similar. I’d love to join the next meet-up and I’m always down for runs/bikes/working out with other active nuts!

  11. looks like a fun meet up! πŸ™‚

  12. don’t worry….totally read #1 as you were running backwards for the zoo route. I was wondering what kind of craziness you were training for! holy hell is it friday yet???

  13. aw, i’d like to be in round 2…but i don’t think that’s happening 😦 maybe when you move to CO!

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