Five Things Friday: early mornings & Mexican-mixes

The Long weekend is here! I couldn’t be happier, and we have a lot on the agenda here in DOTR land…

1) I’ve unofficially decided it’s time to convert to morning running: 90* humidity after work is just not my best friend. I grew up in the desert, I can deal with high altitude and dry air. To avoid the initial running-meltdown that inevitably comes with the shock of running in summer temps again, I’m going to do just that – avoid it!

Thursday morning was a first; I got up at 5:00 a.m. to run, on my own. For safety reasons, I went back and forth with this. The few times I’ve gone with Kate, it’s been light by 5:30 and we’ve seen other runners and cyclists. There, I justified it, and headed out!

I’m so glad I went. Being on my own, I concentrated on pace and my HR. It stayed between 145-170, with only a few exceptions (and hills to blame!). An easy run that brought my mind back to why things should feel easy every now & then – it’s relaxing, refreshing, and you don’t end on a death note. 4.5 miles, 42 minutes (avg 9:20 pace).

Today, I met Kate again for 6.25 miles in 53 minutes – avg 8:30 pace, avg 180 HR. We covered a few bridges, the Kennedy Center, trails and a hill or two. It felt great! Good morning, Friday.

2) My lunch yesterday was a twist on a personal “Mexican” favorite – Beans, veggies, and MontereyJalapenoJack.

Featuring: chopped tomato, corn, onions, salsa, Fat-free Refried Beans, and one slice of Montery J.J. cheese

Heat up this bowl of goodies in the microwave for ~90 seconds (stir together) and enjoy!

I wrapped it up with some fresh blackberries on the side.

3) As of Wednesday, I’m officially “racing” in next weekend’s Zooma Annapolis Half-Marathon, with Anne ! Last minute decisions on half-marathons haven’t failed me in the past, although I have zero dreams of any sort of PR. Yes, this is a race for fun! Fun, assuming the humidity does not outdo itself and there aren’t too many hills. I did mention it was in Annapolis, no? Well, at least the post-race Expo and brunch options are amazing. I’m excited!

4) Dinner last night was a bowl-on-the-go! D and I had plans to meet for a friend’s birthday happy-hour, but both decided to save some cash and calories by eating beforehand. I came home, grabbed some vegetables and came up with a Taco Salad of sorts. Yes, this means I had the Jalapeno cheese and Salsa twice, in one day. Don’t judge me, I love both of these things dearly.

Another Mexican-inspired meal – I blame my Southwest roots. 😉

In these bowls, you will find: corn, red peppers, purple onion, cucumber, carrots, Montery J.J. cheese, and arugula. On the side, you will have 1 whole-wheat tortilla (for dipping, or filling – your choice!) and Salsa.

I’m already anticipating  a lunchtime repeat. It was delicious, crisp, colorful and satisfying!

5) Tonight, Jazz in the Garden commences! Of course, we’re in for some downpours, so the jury is out on whether or not it will be successful. Either way, this will be one of my favorite DC summer events. Every Friday, a Jazz band does their thing while people set up blankets, share food, drink wine, and enjoy the start of the weekend. Perfect.

How are you starting, or spending, your holiday weekend?

Happy Friday!



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12 responses to “Five Things Friday: early mornings & Mexican-mixes

  1. Congrats on signing up for the half next weekend! And your runs sound awesome. I’m sure you’ll do great in the half.

    My wknd is starting off with a half tomorrow! And then off to the beach. What could be better, right?!

  2. Liz

    I can’t wait to hear/read about how the race goes for you two next weekend!
    I’ve been meaning to do Jazz in the Garden for a few years. Sounds fun. Also looking forward to screen on the green. Free stuff is the best.

  3. The Zooma course is different this year. But yes, there will be hills! I don’t think anything is too steep, but you’ll have some kinda long inclines. And the bridge. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine!

    I may volunteer! If not maybe I’ll just crash the after party — free wine 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain tonight. Though, if it doesn’t, we’re going to be fighting for space in the garden. Rough life.

  5. GREAT choice eating your healthy (and cheap!) dinner pre-happy hour.

    Way to go on those morning runs. Definitely a good call.

  6. I’ve heard that’s a really great half to run – have fun! I’m interested in following your HR training, too – intrigued, if you will!

  7. Mmm…i love mexican dishes. They’re so easy to prepare at home and make them healthy. Hooray for am workouts. I’m not dedicated enough to wake up at 5am, but 630am still allows me to get a good yoga session and short walk in before work. Or like today, push ups, some weights and other crazy bootcamp style workouts.

  8. I’m sooo glad it’s the weekend too!!! I’m not sure if I’m ready for 5am runs but I know that I can’t handle 90* humidity so I’ll have to figure something out! 🙂 have a good weekend!!

  9. I’m running the Zooma too, and yep, I’m terrified of the hills… So far my only half marathons have been in VA Beach (perfectly flat).

  10. I’ve been impressed you’ve gone as long as you have without racing. I swear it used to be every weekend! (which I say in total awe and amazing btw….). I’m going to have to switch to morning run soon, but I’m putting it off since it’s storming this week. Perhaps next week. :p

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