A long breakdown and a quick dinner + ST30

Well, Monday definitely showed me who was boss today.

It also showed me why it’s important to take care of your car.

While I was driving home from work, I could feel my Power-steering start to go – the wheel gets tight and much harder to turn, very quickly. My battery light came on; my radio turned itself off; my windshield wipers stopped going; my lights turned off; I finally took the cue to turn onto a neighborhood road and, of course, my turning signals weren’t working.

Then, about 30 yards later, my car died. Oh, man.

Long story short – D came to the rescue (of course 🙂 ), I sat in my car for an hour trying to figure out what to do (and making phone calls, ugh), and then we waited together for another hour while Triple A made its way toward us. Adios, car! It’s now in the shop and I’m trying to figure out the best way to get to work tomorrow. FUN!


Needless to say it’s been quite the day – the clock read 7:30 pm by the time we finally got home and started thinking about food. Surprising myself and my stomach, I didn’t grab the quickest fix. I had a few ideas and mind and wanted to be creative….

Parsnip Fries

I bought a bag of Parsnips solely because Caitlin always makes fries with this veggie and I am so intrigued by this. You can make fries with anything! Such a concept…

2 Parsnips, cut into “fries”
~1 tsp Canola Oil
Low-sodium Seasoning Salt
Black Pepper

Place on a baking sheet and roast at 400* for ~15-20 minutes (Depending on how crisp you like your fries!)

These definitely have a unique texture and taste, I’ll give them a thumbs UP. I ended up eating ~1/2, and felt full! Because before these fries, I had a another new combination…

Cinnamon Apple Yogurt Wrap

1/2 Fuji Apple, sliced
1/3 cup Greek Yogurt (0%)
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Honey
1 Whole-wheat tortilla

In a small bowl, mix the yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a drizzle of honey. Smother this on your tortilla and top with the apples. Voila! A sweet, crispy, delicious wrap:

Clearly I have a new obsession with fruit-centered wraps and sammies. But really, you can’t mess these up. Plus, you’re getting in those nutrients! Perfection.


ST30 Update!

Yes, this challenge is still going strong! Here’s  aquick recap:

Friday: Squats (15 reps x 3)
Saturday: Core routine (planks, side planks, leg raises) + Yoga on the Mall!
Sunday: Hills on the bike (yes, that counts. Ouch)
Monday: Early morning core (planks, leg raises, bridge-ups)

What have you been up to, Challengers??



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11 responses to “A long breakdown and a quick dinner + ST30

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  2. I was BUSY this weekend! Friday I was home late, but got in my two-set push-up routine. Then I decided to see how many regular push-ups I could do. I quit at 20.

    Saturday I was out and about all day — 9-mile run, quick shower and head to Alexandria for my nephew’s first birthday party, rush back after dinner to sing a concert in Annapolis. By the time I got home it was nearly bedtime. I skipped the push-up routine and just did as many as I could. I quit at 30.

    Glad you’re counting biking! OK, fine my 9.5-mile ride on Sunday wasn’t ALL that hilly but we did have a few good ones, and it was my first ride since August. And I also ran a hilly 5K that morning (PR by 27 seconds). After a BBQ with friends that extended into the evening, I was WIPED OUT!

    As for today, I’ve been procrastinating all night. Was going to Wii workout, but I think I’m just going to do my push-ups and maybe some crunches, and go to bed. I still need to recover from my weekend!

  3. Liz

    I’m glad you got home OK! Car breakdowns can be really scary. It sounds like you got off the road just in time.
    I totally failed last night for ST30. I got home late and completely forgot! But this morning I woke up and hit the gym for a serious lift session at least.

  4. The apple wrap looks soooo good! Perfect for my new greek yogurt fixation, too. 🙂 Parsnip fries, huh? I’d try those. Thanks for the idea. I love your experimentation!

  5. Elizabeth

    Oof – I’m sorry about the car! I hope the Escapay’s okay.

    Like I told you, I missed out on my strength training over the weekend (*shame*), but I DID double up yesterday, and already did my core this morning. Thank God for accountability.

  6. oh no, I had the same exact thing happen to my car! I was driving home from class a couple years ago and my car stalled in a BUSY intersection, on a hill. It was horrible. I should’ve turned off sooner but I didn’t and ended up stalling right in the middle of the street. It was nighttime, and cold and raining of course. I think it was my alternator.

    Anyway, I’ve been slacking on the ST but am going to body pump tonight after a run (on the treadmill? stupid rain). I also did my first speed workout at the track. It was short but I thought of you and Lacey and felt like a legit runner 😉

  7. oh no, poor baby car!!! I hope it’s a quick and easy (and not $$ fix) for you!

    I’ve been doing crunches every.darn.day! and some planks when my shoulder lets me. come out, come out, abs, come out wherever you are!

  8. Sorry about your car! Thankfully D came to the rescue! 🙂

  9. Confession: I am cranky about the ST30. My hamstrings hurt so much after Sunday’s first *real* lifting workout, I just took Tylenol to prep for tonight’s run.

    Good luck with the car…sorry you’re having to deal with it!

  10. Eeep, thanks for the friendly reminder that I need to get my car into the shop and get an oil change done ASAP!!! Hope that bill wasn’t toooo pricey!

  11. oh nooooo! poor car. 😦 I hope it’s fixed without it costing too much $$$$.

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