Summer Fruit, Yoga ‘n Froyo

You know it has been a busy weekend when my post titles look like that. Sometimes creativity escapes me and I just tell it how it is. šŸ˜‰

Yesterday was jam-packed – lunch in Rockville, tapas style + Chopping Open a fresh Pineapple from Costa Rica (via Whole Foods…) + Free Yoga with a Blogger meetup + Frozen Yogurt, self-serve style. Take a look…

Berejenas Fritas (Floured Eggplant Chips with Cabrales Cheese Dip)
Pan de Ajo con Queso (Grilled rustic bread slices with garlic & melted Mozzarella)

I met a friend and we each ordered two tapas to share. My favorite, was this beautiful “salad”:

Ensalada de Tomate con Vinagreta
Tomato medley tossed in a honey-herb vinaigrette
with soft goat cheese


My random-fruit-purchase of the day! I LOVE Pineapples…

…but slicing it open on my own? This was a first.

You will be seeing more of this friend throughout the week: she’s juicy and delicious!



Anne, Liz, Julie & I all met on the Mall for some Free Yoga – commencing “Yoga Week” here in the District.
I chose to run/walk down there – it’s much harder to run with a backpack than one might anticipate. Either way, I got in a good 5 mile run/walk during a gorgeous afternoon in this city of mine. Once I met the girls, we proceeded
to roam the Mall until we finally saw this…

…set up our mats, and did some of this…

I know – I need to work on that “g”. šŸ˜‰

The instructor was leading us through some sort of fist-pump, Zumba-ish moves. Uh, Yogi-Anne stepped in and lead us through some Vinyasa/Power-yoga moves instead.She’s good, my friends! We worked our arms, core, legs, etc.

How do you follow up free-yoga on a warm Spring DC-day? Frozen Yogurt. Obviously.

At my FAVORITE Froyo place, Fro-zen-Yo.

As the “veteran”, I was happy to share this frozen-yogurt heaven with the gals. Self-serve, toppings bar, MINT flavored yogurt? You really cannot go wrong here.

I’m not going to lie, I was hungry! Run/walk, more walking, yoga, more walking?
Yes, I filled up that bowl. Don’t judge me.

Mint + Chocolate + a taste of the Red Velvet Froyo
One gummy worm ( Ugh, I can’t resist them. Indulge every now ‘n then. It’s all in moderation!)
Two gummy bears. One vanilla wafer. A few M&Ms. Chopped peanuts & Oreos.

No, this was not an RD-style bowl of treats. It didn’t kill me. šŸ˜‰


The weekend continues today…

Homemade Pancakes, Farmer’s Market Browsing,
and a long bike ride on my agenda today.

On another note – GOOD LUCK, RACERS!!!!!!
Marlene, Jeri (her first!!!) and SneakerSister are all tackling 26.2 today;
can’t wait to hear how it goes!



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7 responses to “Summer Fruit, Yoga ‘n Froyo

  1. I love gummy bears and M&Ms like toppings for my fro yo too! Looks like you girls had fun, yoga, sunshine, what else can we wish for?:)

  2. Looks like you ladies had fuuuun! I want one of those fro yo places around here. I’ve also been wanting a small backpack that’s meant for trail racing or something so I could run to work or to an event like this.

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  4. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Love all the pics!!! ā¤

  5. Lacey

    yay! great weekend šŸ™‚ you had a beautiful day it looks like for yoga. what a cute picture you guys took, hehe. and i give you full credit for your G šŸ™‚

    happy sunday!!

  6. Oh man, doing yoga outside like that looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!

  7. awwww thanks for the shout out!!! so sweet. šŸ™‚ That froyo looks to die for. Froyo+free yoga+blogger meet up…..uh… sign me up! šŸ™‚

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