STn30 Day 1 Recap

Welcome to the challenge!

I loved  the enthusiasm yesterday, and I’m glad this isn’t a solo-adventure! If you’re just joining us, check out the details here, and report back.

My afternoon appointment yesterday went much longer than expected, resulting in a Metro-date with D on the way home. No complaints there, but it did cut into my usual “workout” time. The other factors chiming in with their two cents were my hamstrings and glutes; I kid you not, they  have never been so outraged by squats and lunges. While the rest of my bod (i.e. core, quads, and arms) has recovered from Monday’s Powersculpting, these muscles are reminding me that running does not Powersculpt them, and they’re still whining. NOTED.

I let them rest, and made a quick dinner instead. What’s a “quick” RD-type dinner? Protein = Check! Carbs = Check! Veggies and something savory = Check!

Mexicheese Spinach Omelet with a side of Oatmeal

2 eggs
1/4 c Lite Mexican Cheese Blend (shredded)
~3/4 c Frozen Spinach
1/2 c oatmeal + water
Cinnamon & Chopped Pecans
Ground Red Pepper

All of these things cook in ~4 minutes or less! I sprinkled ground red pepper on the eggs while one side cooked (skillet, with non-stick spray), topped it with cheese, folded and flipped…hello, Omelet! While the eggs were solidifying, frozen spinach went into the microwave with a little garlic powder. Once that was done, I made a serving of oatmeal and topped with a few chopped pecans and a little cinnamon.

Voila! {Breakfast-for}Dinner is served.

Protein: Eggs, cheese
Carbs: Oatmeal
Fat: Cheese, pecans


Somehow it was already 9 pm and time for our Fun-Wednesday-shows (we rarely watch TV). I could’ve easily checked in for the night; instead, I chose to sit on the floor and do a Core Routine.

  • 30 second Plank x 8 (with 4 side planks, 4 regular)
  • 15 reps, Elbow-touch-Knee Reaches x 2
  • 50 Bicycle Crunches
  • 20 reps, side Row x  3*

*This is an exercise that Kim does during her section on the Powersculpt DVD. It’s one of my faves! Sit up, with your legs in front and knees touching, heels on the floor. Hold one weight in front of you, with both hands, arms straight out. Take the weight (I use 5 lbs) in one hand and do a row (bring back to your ribs), then back up and switch hands (transfer the weight to the opposite hand) and repeat on the opposite side.  Keep going, as you use your abs to hold your body up (slight lean back, so your upper body is at an angle). Warning: These hurt! It’s a good burn.

If that paragraph didn’t excite you, maybe this basic sketch will help…

And if that’s not what you consider art, you’re hard to please my friend.  😉


What did you do for your STn30 yesterday??

Keep track here, we have 29 days to go!



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6 responses to “STn30 Day 1 Recap

  1. I had a rare free night last night. After a 5K on the treadmill (thunderstorms!), I dusted off my Wii EA Sports Active (original) and restarted the 30-day challenge. Last night’s workout was about 25-minutes.

    After that, I did my push-ups routine (

    Tonight I will be pressed for time, but will at least do my push-ups before bed.

  2. Hahahaha, your drawing is AMAZING.

    I did arm weights at the gym, AND I did some crunches, some planks (on one side only) and flutter kicks. And watched the girl next to me do push-ups, does that count? 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    I’d planned to start my 30 days this morning, but, of course, I already forgot. Luckily, I plan to go to the gym during lunch today, so I’ll do my run AND some push-ups.


  4. Awesome job on day 1!!

  5. Woooot!!!! I’m excited for the challenge!! I’m going to do pushups and situps after work!!! Possibly some running too! 🙂

  6. I love quick n easy dinners. Yesterday, I did my bootcamp class…squats with overhead dumbell presses, push ups, abs, crazy jumping things. The arms are sore today.

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