3 Things Thursday: Double dosing & Beans

(3 Things Thursday – a la Miss Morgan)

1) Stick with the Challenge – I set the alarm way too early this morning, 5:35 a.m., to have a date with Jillian and her Shredding before my day started. Twenty-five minutes of strength, cardio and abs will definitely alert that brain faster than any cup of coffee! STn30 – Day 2, Win.

2) A Black-bean Lunch Date – While, yes, I usually pack my lunch (today being no different), I had to veer from the norm. After a long morning in the office, I had no desire to eat that pita-pizza nor wait for it to bake in the toaster oven. Instead, I went for some Panera soup (soothing to the sore-throat). Their Black-bean Soup in a bread-bowl with an apple on the side? Hit. The. Spot.

Of note: Has anyone else noticed that Panera has jumped the gun with Calorie information? According to the Associated Press, establishments with 20 or more locations are now required, by law (Thanks, new Healthcare Bill), to disclose calorie count information for all menu items. “The idea is to make sure that customers process the calorie information as they are ordering.” Would this affect something you would/wouldn’t order at a restaurant?

Panera has the calorie count for each item listed in small print on the right side of the menu. You may have to squint to see it (just me?), but it’s already there!

3) Workout #2 – GO RUN You may be wondering as of late, “Does this Dietitian on the Run ever run?” Valid concern, my friends. It’s been a battle of motivation, playing with the new bike, and wondering what I should put next on my race agenda (half? full? speed work for PRs? !!). I’ve also been at war with Laryngitis, on and off, for 3 weeks now. What gives? It’s May! No time to be sick.

I digress. After work today, I went for a run. The legs are a little heavy, the same way they felt for my Tuesday run, but I willed them to move. Together, we got in a good 7.5 mile loop with an avg ~8:40 min/mile pace. Done and feeling much better – win, win!


Challengers, how was day 2 of STn30 for you?



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11 responses to “3 Things Thursday: Double dosing & Beans

  1. Great running and happy Thursday!!! 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s allergies? Mine hit earlier (March), but timing depends on which trees bother you. I lost my voice for nearly a week and was on-and-off sick the whole month.

    I was extra motivated yesterday to do more than just my push-ups last night. Did my Wii EA Sports Active 30-day challenge after 10pm! (and then I did my push-ups).

    Panera’s web site is also great. I usually decide what I’m getting before I even go … it definitely makes me think twice before. *Sometimes* I’ll allow myself an ‘unhealthy’ sandwich if I do the pick-two and I get the apple and one of the lighter salads. It’s surprising how bad some of them are!

  3. I’ve been having nagging motivation lately too… But I have been seeing more and more calories displayed in restaurants – I live in Ohio so no laws on that yet -, and I think it’s very helpful!

  4. Mmm, I love me some Panera. I don’t think we have that law here (yet??) but hopefully we will. I always try to look up the NI online before heading out for a meal, so I’m not sure it would actually CHANGE what I order… however, it would be super convenient to see the data right there on the menu.

  5. Elizabeth

    On the one hand, I do like to know the calorie count of what I’m eating. On the other hand, I feel MUCH guiltier knowing if I do decide to splurge.

  6. Calories on a menu would definitely help me at times. However, most of the time I choose something healthy, unless I have a major craving for something else and I’ve done a hard workout that day.

  7. Liz

    I think calories on menus are really helpful, and I almost always check online if I know where I am going beforehand to see if the nutritional information is available. I also look at it as a kind of corporate responsibility for the company – it shows they care about their customers and want them to make informed decisions.

  8. J

    I love Panera but I have looked up their calorie and carb stats on the food and they are just so high!! BUt it is sooo god!

  9. J

    Opps, I meant “good”!

  10. I’ve made a point to do abs/core work with resistance bands every day, and finally worked with some weights again—feels good to be sore! Keep up the good work with your challenge, too!

  11. The calorie listings are HUGE on my local Panera. I was pretty excited they did that. My friend that I go with on a very regular basis, has actually started to pay attn. to the cal count and it’s influenced her decisions (in a good way!). I hope others have that same effect. I think a lot of times we totally under estimate how much we’re eating, especially when we’re buying it and not making it ourselves.

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