Challenge Yourself, Make Changes

On Monday night, after over a year of owning the Powersculpt DVD, I finally did the entire video. Start to finish – no stopping, skipping moves, or taking it easy.

The Powersculpt series is set up for a 6-week training program; do the exercises at least every other day for 6 weeks, adding sections (total = 3) as you get stronger. The main difference with my attempt this time (vs my previous workouts) was adding Bob’s section at the end (for “weeks 5-6”). Usually after stopping with Kim (“weeks 3-4”) my legs scream at me for two days, minimum, and I’m walking funny while my quads, glutes and hamstrings try to figure out what I did to them.

Being ambitious with Bob on Monday night still has me hobbling around, squatting slowly to sit, wincing every time I cough (Hello, abs!), and wondering….Why didn’t I do this sooner?! The whole point of these workouts is to challenge yourself, right? Yes. In Kim’s words:

Do NOT give up. Don’t you dare give up. Challenge yourself to make changes!

I have no reason not to. So, I’m IN.


The Challenge:

Strength Train for 30 (ST30)

Summer is approaching, I have no race on the agenda for now (which may or may not be driving me a little crazy, we’ll get to that), and I’ve said “I should do more strength training” more times than I care to count. So, it’s time to actually DO IT.

What defines “strength training” for each day?

For the purposes of this challenge, I’ll define ST as such:

  • A DVD workout (Powersculpt, 30 day shred, etc)
  • Morning Push-ups
  • Core (Abs) routine
  • Gym routine (e.g. free weights, machines, “Body Pump” class, etc)

You can do one, or all, of the above to count as your ST for the day. How far you decide to push it is entirely up to you, but just remember the original goal – Challenge Yourself.

So, the real question – WILL YOU JOIN ME?



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24 responses to “Challenge Yourself, Make Changes

  1. This post coincides with me getting my doctor’s OK on lifting again, so I’m transitioning from just my regular core-strengthening workout to adding some real weight again. So … count me in!

  2. PS: I forgot to add that when I AM lifting consistently, my race times are better and my nagging injuries are less persistent. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

  3. a challenge designed for broken people! hurrah, I can do this one!

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  5. I need this… I have been seriously lacking in ST! I’m in, POST marathon/recovery of course!!

  6. Elizabeth

    So, we’re supposed to do this every day? Like, every *every* day?

    *deep breath*

    Okay, I’ll do it. It’s always better with an accountability partner.

  7. katekirk

    I’m in…3 weeks into PT after 4 months of on-off-on-off running due to injury with MCM training start looming on my calendar. I have no choice!

  8. Well, I do my push ups every morning so that probably counts, but like you, I want to focus on strength training a bit more. I need to make sure I’m hitting the weights a few times a week. It’s just too easy to say…eh, i’d rather run or do yoga instead of going to the gym.

  9. Every day is *tough* so yes, this would be a good challenge!

    I’m already doing a push-ups challenge (goal 3x a week), but this should get me back into DVD / Wii workouts.

  10. YES I’ll join you : )
    Great challenge

  11. Liz

    I’m in! I’m also always saying how should be doing more strength training…I lifted yesterday but everyday would be sweet. Great idea!

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  13. I’m in!!! I’m going to adjust it for me if that’s okay 😉 and say every other day, just b/c I have about 2 weeks until my first 1/2 mary, so I need to be RUNNING! ahh….but ST sounds great too! Time to go do my push-ups before work!

  14. uff. 30 whole days?!?!? What’s the word for something when it’s BEYOND a challenge? That’s where this would fall for me. Maybe I could get on board w/an every other day deal. Yes… that sounds doable. Maybe I could have some GUNS in 30 (meaning 15 actual) days. 🙂

  15. yeahh for challenges! I think they just make us better people when we find ways to stretch ourself

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  17. Count me in!!! When do we start?!? 🙂

  18. oooooh….I found you via LizRunsDC…and this is coming at a perfect time! I actually LOVE strength training and plan on putting a new routine together when I get home from traveling this weekend. I will try to join you all!!

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  21. lady, i NEEED this challenge! haha. strength training and i are not friends…not at all. maybe i’ll start out with pushups and crunches/planks in the mornings. super easy before work! i’m in! 🙂

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