Cold in the Spring

I woke up this morning with a pounding head and a throat that refused its own duties (swallow? no thanks); it’s a sick day for this RD, and I’m going crazy! Who gets a cold in the Spring? This is not fun.

Sleep, green tea, and more sleep have taken over my day. I took a Multivitamin and Vitamin C this morning – neither serve as a cure, but they can’t hurt, right? My other go-to cold-remedies typically involve Propel (not as sweet as juice, but still tastes better than plain H2O), Nyquil (I can only handle 1/2 dose – otherwise I’m in a coma), Halls throat lozenges, and warm tea + honey (Mom’s recipe!). So far it seems to be helping, so I’ll stick with it.

What are you go-to Cold fixes?


On another note, we spent the weekend in North Carolina! It was a quick road trip to visit his Fam for Mother’s Day, and it was perfectly timed. I needed to get out of the city, and I love a good sunshine-filled drive. We left Friday afternoon, and returned last night. I took minimal pictures – sometimes it feels better to unplug and just relax.

Without  motivation to go grocery shop and unpack and cook, we chose a dinner out at one of our favorites – Bus Boys & Poets. There are a lot of things I love about this restaurant/bookstore/bar/venue, and the Menu is one high on that list…

Weekly Events! Poetry Readings, Open Mic Night, Concerts, Authors, etc.

Named after Langston Hughs – a Busboy at a DC hotel in the 1920s,
who left “several of his poems on the dinner table” for a diner to read one night.
He eventually gained recognition for his talent;
some of his poems are printed throughout the menu to read.

Obviously, I also love their menu options! There is a wide variety of foods, including vegetarian and vegan entrees, salads, soups and desserts. This time around, we shared the “Vegan Pizza” – just to test it out! – and a side salad for some greens. The pizza had Vegan Mozzarella, vegan pepperoni ( I picked that off, it sounded a little odd to me), mushrooms, onions, marinara, green & red peppers and a whole-wheat crust. It was delicious


Tonight I’ll be testing out a new type of pasta – quinoa style. Interesting, yea? I’ll keep you posted. 🙂



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9 responses to “Cold in the Spring

  1. Elizabeth

    Hmm…if you’re feeling sick, it might be a good time for D to test his skills in the kitchen, no?

    As for my own cold remedies, in addition to what you already named, I love the classic chicken noodle soup. Or anything, really, with a chicken broth base.

    That and a lot of bad daytime television.

  2. That’s never fun to wake-up feeling sick, but my best advice other than rest, is a ridiculously huge amount of water. and this for the next 3 days minimum! You are a dietitian so you probably know this (or correct me if I’m wrong) but try avoiding high-content sugar, caffeine and obviously alcoholic stuff. Get better 🙂

  3. I swear by zicam! it works great! give it a shot! i hope your feeling better soon!!!

  4. deeceevoice

    Busboys & Poets retweeted your post that led me here. I avoid what you’ve been eating. Starchy foods are anathema to me when I’m sick. It’s been years since I’ve had a cold, though — and I’ve never had the flu. But when I had a cold, I stuck to fresh fruit, juices, salad greens and other non-starchy veggies, lots of water, chicken or vegetable broth. That’s it. Little to no starch, no animal protein, no sugar — definitely no refined sugar, low sodium. All led to speedy recovery. Whatever you do, I hope it works and that you feel better soon!

    BTW, it’s Langston HughEs, and that diner who “discovered” him was poet Vachel Lindsay. 😉

  5. I have a cold too! They turned the AC way up in my dorm last week and I think that’s what did it. My go to cold remedies are lots of sleep, easy workouts and warm oatmeal : )

  6. Oh no! I hope you start to feel better soon. My allergies are in full force, but I’m showing them who’s boss. 😉

  7. feel better Heather! My mom swears by tea…so I drink lots of it when I’m sick. Tea and honey is good for sore throats. Hope you get better soon!!

  8. I loooove Busboys and Poets, both for the atmosphere and some yummy sandwich involving stinky cheese and fig jam. In fact, thinking about it makes me want to go there right now! Cold remedies for me include stuffing myself with as many veggies as I can handle, especially broccoli and red peppers. Also, for a sore throat, tea with honey and lemon, per my grandma’s suggestion. 🙂

  9. I find that Cold-Eeze tends to work wonders for me at the outset of a cold – I have no idea if it’s psychosomatic or not, but it kicks ass for me, so I don’t tend to question it much. I did recently get another suggestion I may try that next time I feel a bug kicking in – 500 mg of vitamin C and 5g of glutamine every few hours.

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