3 Things Thursday: Riding, whole grains & the Fiesta Bowl

(a la Miss Morgan

1) Triple threat: I went for my third bike ride of the week yesterday afternoon! It worked out well, as I got to leave work a little bit early and could hit the trails before the 9-to-5-ers joined the ranks. I’m still getting used to maneuvering those wheels! With every ride I’m feeling more confident, taking the turns a little faster, and using my brakes a little less. My ride took me through Rock Creek, over Memorial Bridge, and onto the Mt Vernon trail into Alexandria. Yes, more often than not I cross state-lines during my workouts around here! I snapped a few quick phone-pics to show you how irresistible these trails are – to give you a little glimpse into one reason DC ranks among the top 10 “Fittest” States… 

Memorial Bridge - Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument saying HI in the background!


Mt Vernon Trail, into Alexandria, VA


Bici and I headed along the trail past the National Airport, riverside, until right after G beeped “10” – our signal to turn around. I wanted to finally see that “20” (G has died/reported a “full memory” for my last 3 rides), and I did! 

20.5 miles, 1:22:40, avg ~14-15 mph 

2) Whole Grains Galore – My weekday mornings always involve Oatmeal. My lunches usually involve a sandwich or wrap of some sort, meaning I usually get a double dose of whole-grains and I Love it. This week I’ve been using Whole Food’s Whole-Wheat bread. Check out the contents in just one slice: 

5 g of Protein, per slice! Wow. You’ll also see 3 g of Fiber, zero cholesterol, healthy fat (polyunsaturated) and B Vitamins. If you look closely, you can also see that the first ingredient listed is “Whole Wheat Flour” – that’s the first thing to look for when purchasing your WW-bread. Make sure it’s the real thing! 

My lunch yesterday was a sweet ‘n crunchy sandwich –pears, fat-free cream cheese & whole-wheat bread

I love the taste of fruit-centered sandwiches! Naturally sweet and crunchy, yum

3) Fiesta Bowl! My last dose of whole-grains for the day came in the form of Brown rice, in a big bowl. Post-20-mile bike ride is the time to refuel those muscles with carbs and nutrients, right? Right! 

2 svgs Brown Rice, cook as directed
Red, green & yellow pepper slices
Purple onion slices
Mushroom slices
1/2 c Lite mexican cheese, shredded (divided)
Seasonings: Black pepper, ground red pepper, salt, cumin

Protein: cheese, veggies
Carbs: Brown Rice
Fat: cheese, oil
Calcium: cheese
Vitamins A, C: peppers 

While the rice was cooking, I sauteed the mushrooms, onions and peppers in ~1 tbsp Canola oil.  Once everything was ready, I put 1/4 c of the Mexican Cheese blend into the bottom of the bowl, then topped it with rice, veggies, and a spoonful of Salsa. Mix it all together = Fiesta bowl!  

If you browse through my recipes, you’ll often see a “Mexican” inspiration. I grew up in New Mexico and the heart of my taste buds doesn’t wander far. What’s your favorite Mexican-themed dish? 


Happy Thursday!



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13 responses to “3 Things Thursday: Riding, whole grains & the Fiesta Bowl

  1. FIRST! lol

    Awesome job on the 20+mile ride and GORGEOUS trails. *jealous*

    Yummy eats… I need to try a fruit sammich.

    Love the fiesta bowl… I’m a fajita girl myself.

  2. Mexican is probably my favorite cuisine. I can’t have anything with Gluten, so Mexican is a great cuisine since there are so many GF options. My favorite Mexican dish is probably enchiladas!

    That rice bowl looks delish!

  3. Elizabeth

    Nicely done. 🙂

    Also, I might have to try the pear/cream cheese idea. And I’m thinking it might work with apple slices, too?

  4. looks like you had an awesome bike ride! And my favorite mexican food has to be veggie quesadillas I think. mmm now I want some 🙂

  5. I’ve been traveling to DC for work lately and LOVE running there! I was amazed at how active the city was and even talked to my husband about if we would like living there

  6. Chicken burritos are on our “emergency meal” list — the list of meals we can make at the drop of a hat because they’re so tasty and so easy. Our method: take a tortilla, stuff it with black beans, veggies, cheese, grilled chicken, salsa, etc, roll it up, microwave it, and call it dinner!

  7. My husband grew up in New Mexico, he has a fierce loyalty to green chile’s from Hatch…

    I like quesadillas and bowls like the one you created above. Funny enough, I don’t usually like Mexican food out but prefer it when I make it at home with whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, and my own choices of beans/veggies/etc.

  8. J

    Remind me not to read your blog before dinner! It just makes me hungrier!! Everything looks so good! Great job on the bike ride! It looks like it was a perfect day!

  9. I always leave your blog craving a pear. 🙂 I might have to break down and try your crazy fruit sandwiches. 😉

  10. Looks like you had a nice ride! I have Dave’s Killer Bread right now and it’s also high in protein and fiber. Love that!

  11. I love and miss the Mt. Vernon trail – it’s my go-to long run. And, funny enough, I’m in NM, and we had sushi for dinner. There were a few mexican-themed pieces though… 🙂

  12. Great job on the bike rides! The pictures look gorgeous!

  13. LOVE the fiesta bowl! Brown rice w/festive toppings is always a quick, easy, and yummy weeknight dinner!

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