Double dose, with a Burrito in between

After work yesterday, my motivation jumped back and forth – bike ride or run? It was hot and humid outside; I just couldn’t get excited about pounding the pavement and swatting at bugs on the trails. Instead I hopped back on bici, and we tried for 20 miles again.

I went back to the Capital Crescent Trail and opted for the out-n-back. It’s mostly uphill for the first half; my quads and glutes were happy to remind me that they were working hard. I pushed it further than the first round, and eventually found myself in Bethesda, MD…?! Two states in one ride, that’s how we roll around DC. Time to turn around and head back into the District!

My Garmin stopped at 15.16 miles and 57 minutes, telling me the “Database is Full”. Well, G, we still have about 5 miles to go. You’re not stopping me early!

Since I turned around at 9.75, bici and I ended up with around ~19.5 miles in 1:21:00, avg 4:10 min/mile. With my extensive math skills, I’m estimating that to be a little less than 15 mph average – perfectly fine with me? I obviously have no idea what that means. I only speak runnning-splits!

Other notes? HUMID, I’m dirty, it rained on me, I’m covered in small black bugs, and 3 birds almost flew into me. That, my friends, is not pleasant. Scary, is the word that comes to mind. Also, I’m hungry! Let’s eat.


Black Bean & Veggie Burritos
2 svgs

2 whole wheat tortillas
3 stalks celery, chopped
2 svgs Black beans (1 cup)

1/4 purple onion, chopped
1/4 c Greek yogurt + 1/2 cup Salsa
Pepper, Ground Red Pepper, Salt
Lite Mexican Cheese Blend, Shredded

This Greek Yogurt + Salsa mix might be my new favorite spicy sauce. The yogurt adds a tart flavor normally provided by sour cream, but has a nutrient punch as well (Calcium, protein, Vitamin D)! You can’t go wrong there.

Rinse the beans and put into a bowl with celery and onion pieces. Add seasonings, and microwave for ~90 seconds, or until warm and soft.  Put bean mixture onto a tortilla, top with cheese & Salsa sauce. Microwave ~15-20 seconds to melt the cheese.

In hindsight, I meant to add corn to this – when you’re hungry from a long workout, sometimes the thought process skips a beat! Another add-in option? Avocado chunks. Just be creative.

Protein: Black beans, cheese blend
Carbs: Whole-wheat wrap
Fat: Cheese


I woke up at 6:30 a.m. today for an early 5 mile run, wondering how the legs would react to this after two ~20-mile bike rides back-to-back…

In my head I mapped out a flat start and a circle-route.  Loops are always more interesting (to me) than  the out-n-back.

This was a Garmin-less (i.e. no obsessive pace/distance checking)  run! With a full database, it just beeps at me for now. So I left it at home, and forgot how relaxing it can be to run without technology! I simply kept my pace easy by “feel”, used a stopwatch, and mapped it out when I got home.

Surprise! My “easy” pace for this morning was ~8:15 min/mile, and I got my 5 miles in exactly. I know these streets and these legs a little better than I thought. 😉

5 miles, 41:00, avg 8:12 m/m


Do you run by “feel” or always with technology? I think a balance of both is important, but have to admit I use my Garmin much more often than not!



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8 responses to “Double dose, with a Burrito in between

  1. Hi Heather, I just discovered your blog and it’s great! To answer your question, I mostly run “by feel” outside… but then I’ll do some timed training on the treadmill… Do you have the Garmin ForRunner?

  2. Elizabeth

    1) I didn’t know the database could get full. Does that mean you have to delete some runs?
    2) “3 birds almost flew into me” – *that* is why I’m scared of birds. That – right there.
    3) I think you know where I stand on how often I use Guillermo.

  3. J

    I usually run with my watch…it just tells the time lol! But sometimes I hate looking at it and try not to just so i can run by feel.

  4. Sounds like those leggies are adjusting just fine to the cycling. Great job on ANOTHER 20 and the morning run.

    Dinner sounds great, too.

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  6. Usually, I go by the watch because it’s too easy for my brain to give up and decide I’m done physically. But if I say “I have to keep pedaling until 1:15pm.” then I don’t stop until then. And same with running. I’ll just tell myself “after this song or 5 more minutes” and often I get past my exhaustion and keep on pushing. Glad you’re enjoying the bike! How are the pedals treating you?

  7. megkathleen

    I rely on my garmin way too much. I’m working on listening to my body more. But for some reason like Sassy Molassy the garmin motivates me to run faster.

  8. your becoming quite the biker babe!!! 🙂 way to go sista!! 🙂

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