A new 20 miler & Spicy Hummus

Last night I met up with Kate for a buddy-bici ride – it’s much more entertaining to spend a few hours on a bike when you have someone to talk to! We met right behind the Lincoln Memorial, taking the bridge and then the Mt Vernon trail over into Virginia for some river-side riding.

Lincoln, from the back (on my left)…


From the right side? Arlington, over the bridge!

G, the Garmin, lost his juice right before we reached our turn-around. When he was all charged up, the clock read 45 minutes & 9 miles. Doubling that, we rode for a little over 90 minutes, and covered close to 20 miles! It’s amazing how quickly that goes by 1) when your wheels move faster than your legs 😉 and 2) when you have fun conversation to pass the time. 20 miles on the bike is so very different than on foot – I’ll take it!


I felt like being creative with homemade hummus again, so I added a few more things into this mix! My FP held the following:

  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 3/4 can Garbanzo beans
  • salt/pepper
  • ground red pepper
  • 1/4 Avocado, cut into chunks

After pulsing it, scooping, pulsing some more and removing from the FP I added a few spoonfuls of Salsa! You cannot go wrong with Salsa, not in my opinion. It goes with almost everything, adding that extra punch of flavor and serving of vegetables!

My “Spicy” hummus was the star of a veggie-sandwich today, on whole-wheat bread.

 Topped off by a slice of whoa-delicious “Tres Leche” birthday cake in the office today. I’m. Stuffed.


What’s your favorite birthday treat? I’m usually a simple-cake fan (white cake w/ Funfetti frosting is my fave!), but I’m already wondering how to make a {healthy?} version of that Spanish treat



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7 responses to “A new 20 miler & Spicy Hummus

  1. Great job on your first long bici ride! Sounds like fun. And let’s face it, 20 miles is never REALLY “fun” on foot. 😉

    Mmm, salsa-hummus… sounds delish!

    I’m a chocolate girl when it comes to cake!

  2. Ooh, that hummus does sound good. And I love when you can just add another ingredient or two into something and all of a sudden, it’s a new flava!

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  4. If you find a way to make that amazing cookie crust on Carvel ice cream cakes healthy, I will give you whatever you dream of in return. That said, my mom always taught me that birthday cakes have no calories …

  5. Just found your blog and I am absolutely loving it! I have never had hummus before. I think I should try it and stop being a wuss about it. Like the above comment my mum taught me that birthday cake has no calories so its my favorite birthday treat! You now have a new follower! Have a fabulous night!


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