Three Things Thursday: Stuffed Pitas & Sweets, and Our First Date

(a la Miss Morgan) Warning: this is a long one!

1) My lunch yesterday was surprisingly delicious. I knew it’d be tasty, but I underestimated the flavor combination when I packed it. I bring you 1 whole-wheat pita, 1/4 c Shredded Mozzarella, Baby Spinach Leaves and Roasted Red Pepper Slices….combine and stick in a Toaster Oven for ~5 minutes and voila!

If that picture of gooey cheese, toasted pita shell, soft roasted peppers and crispy spinach doesn’t do it for you? I’m not sure what will. This may be a repeat offender today because I’m already craving it again. YUM.

Protein: cheese, pita
Carbs: cheese, pita
Fat: cheese
Vitamins C & A: spinach & red peppers

2) For dinner last night, I impulsively came up with a new recipe idea out of pure boredom. I wanted to use Quinoa, but a grain + mixed veggies just didn’t seem that exciting. Then I saw the two Sweet Potatoes…stuff them? YES.

I wanted sweet Quinoa – is this possible? Who knows; I’ve never made Quinoa before! All I know is a good sweet potato always goes with brown sugar & cinnamon, so let’s give it a try…

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

~1 tsp each: Cinnamon, Ground Cloves, Nutmeg
~1 tbsp Brown Sugar
2 sweet potatoes
1/2 c Dry Quinoa (2 svgs)

I cooked it as directed, and in the meantime, washed and prepped the sweet potatoes. In the oven went frozen broccoli (roast at 400* for ~15 minutes), and in a small sauce-pan went some frozen spinach and garlic powder. Microwave the Sweet P’s for ~4-5 minutes.

Open those Sweet P’s up and stuff in the Quinoa. This could’ve used a little slab of butter in the middle, but you live and learn, right? It was still delicious; a fun mix of textures and flavors, plus some greens on the side!

Protein: Quinoa, Broccoli (2g per 1 cup), Spinach
Carbs: Quinoa & Sweet Potato
Fat: Quinoa
Iron: Quinoa
Vitamins A & C: Broccoli, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes
Calcium: Spinach

Nutrient-loaded? YES. You can’t go wrong with a plate full of veggies and healthy grains.

3) Before dinner, I had a date. The Bici & I had our first ride together; things went so well, I’ll definitely take her out again! It took me a while to get dressed and figure out what was needed for a biking adventure; luckily D has me covered in most areas (sunglasses, old bike shorts of his that fit me, helmet, advice on how to dress for a bike ride, etc). I don’t have any sort of pouch yet, so I ended up using his old hydration belt for a water bottle + Blackberry holder. I felt a little ridiculous riding a bike while wearing a hydration-belt, but whatever works!

Starting out in Rock Creek was a little tough (twists and turns – which I’m still shaky with), but once I got on the Capitol Crescent Trail it was smooth sailing. It was a simple out-n-back; in January I ran a 20K on this trail so I had a good turnaround point in mind. I also had the Garmin on his “bike” setting for the first time, and I wore my HR monitor for the first time! SO MANY FIRSTS. Whew.

The first half on the trail is a slight incline, so when I turned around I clicked the gears higher to give myself a little challenge (rather than coasting on/off for ~6 miles). Sparing you the “OMG this is so fun but kind of hard!” play-by-play; I leave you with this…

~17.5 miles – 1 hr 8 min – avg pace ~15 mph

Those stats translate nothing to me, as my mind only thinks in running terms. But, it’s a start!


Happy Thursday!

And, if you’re a cyclist, what’s your favorite brand for women’s shorts and helmets? Apparently I’m in the market for a few things. 🙂



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12 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Stuffed Pitas & Sweets, and Our First Date

  1. SheBeest shorts from! Get the kind with good padding—your lady parts will thank you again, and again, and again …

  2. I’ve been eating pitas stuffed with all sorts of goodness all week. EASY & YUMMY & HEALTHY.

    Interesting idea with the stuffed sweet potatoes! Last week I threw together some quinoa, chickpeas, sweet potato and random veggies… it was good too!


  3. I love that your on a cycling kick now! its so fun to change it up! i have my cheapo schwinn bike with a matching schwinn helmet… as i am not as serious as you, but its a start! teehee!! happy thursday!

  4. I just got caught up on your last three posts, congrats on the bike!! I’ve been thinking about buying a bike.. I just can’t decide if I would use it enough for it to be worth the investment. But yours is gorgeous! Looks like you had a great first ride!

  5. ok, that pita looks yummy!!! I might actually have all of the ingredients to make it for my lunch….

    awesome first ride!! do you wear padded butt shorts? I’m thinking about adding spinning/biking to my life, but I’m afraid of the lady part damage.

  6. I love my craft tri shorts and my pearl izumi bike shorts. My suggestion is to go to a bike store and try a bunch on, because I tried on about 6 pairs and then decided on those two. I also love my Giro helmet! Overall though, you can’t go wrong just as long as you try things on (I wasn’t trying to rhyme…haha).

  7. Look at you!!! Yummy eats but more importantly a bike date! Woot woot!

  8. J

    Yum pitas!! Glad the bike ride went well!!

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  10. it seems like everything is good if it’s melty and in a pita. I’m glad the first date went well. my knowledge on cycling is zero. my tri buddy came over and literally LAUGHED when I joked about taking my bright yellow bike and doing a tri with her. meheheh.

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