A Hilly Challenge

I finally ran tonight!

Sunday’s 10-mile race had been my only run of the week so far. A head cold, a lack of motivation, and a new bike stealing all my attention did not create  a recipe for inspiration. Excuses aside, it was gorgeous in DC. No more slacking; please, mind, meet me in the middle!

I sent that out to the Twitter world, and thank Julie for her response…

Thank you, Twitter, for being so quick!  Alright, fine, let’s go…

Why did I choose a route full of long hills? That’s beyond me, friends. It seemed like a good challenge at the time. The legs will be fine after their first long bike ride yesterday, right? Sure!

mile 1, 8:26 – What? Hm, Garmin, I’m not sure about that. This feels easy, and that will certainly make this run a little more difficult than I’d like…
mile 2, 8:18 – Out of Rock Creek and UP Mass Ave; legs, I promise I’ll be nicer next time.
mile 3, 8:12 – Push it! Push. It. until G says “3” ; then you can take a break. Just keep going.
mile 4, 11:18 walk, run, walk, run, make it to the End of this incline, walk, run.
mile 5, 8:26whew! breathe in, you made it. 1 more mile until we’re done.

Sidenote: Only in DC can you say the following about a run: I started on a trail, through the scenic Rock Creek park. I ran up Embassy Row and past the Vice President’s house, then took things across to the National Cathedral and finished right by the National Zoo. If nothing else, my surroundings kept me entertained. 😉

5.25 miles, 46:45, avg 8:55 min/mile

Every workout is an opportunity to learn. Not every day is hard, not every day is comfortable, not every day goes the way you plan it out in your head! This was a great run; it was challenging and I felt tired, but I kept going and used my energy when I could. It’s not always easy to start a run, but I’m always happy I did it!

On the post-run Dinner menu: Baked Tofu Sandwiches. Stay tuned…



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6 responses to “A Hilly Challenge

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  2. Nice work. It’s so fun to hear everything you pass or run through on your runs.

  3. Awesome job getting out there! How can you resist running such interesting and beautiful routes? Looking forward to hearing about the sandwich.

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  5. things that seem like a good idea at the time….hills…one more cocktail….glittery purple eyeshadow….layers in my hair….

    nice job getting out there anyway!!

  6. way to get out there sweets!! 🙂

    have a great weekend!!! xoxo

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